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Modern Rustic Style

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A hallmark of Modern Rustic style is incorporating natural wood and stone into your space. Exposed beams or pillars and naturally finished cabinets, flooring and original wood ceilings are commonly found in rustic homes. There is often a rough or unfinished quality to these materials. For example, stones could be of varying sizes and wood beams can show splinters or cracks. Layer the natural materials with accent hardware to add variety and additional texture. Choose from either organic or contemporary finishes, including leather, wrought iron, bronze, glass and more. Using updated finishes adds casual appeal. Furniture and décor pieces should be purposeful and thoughtfully placed in the space.



LLP304 Weathered Heart Pine - LooseLay


VGW100T Aged Redwood

Weathered Heart Pine LLP304
Aged Redwood VGW100T
NEW: Aged Redwood SCB100
NEW: Silver Barnwood RKP8208


LLP336 Distressed American Pine

VGW99T Reclaimed Redwood Bathroom Flooring - Van Gogh

VGW99T Reclaimed Redwood
NEW: Silver Barnwood SM-RKP8208
NEW: Distressed American Pine LLP336
Reclaimed Redwood VGW99T
NEW: Reclaimed Redwood SCB99


VGW81T Country Oak Dining Room Flooring - Van Gogh

VGW81T Country Oak
NEW: Weathered Hickory EW11
Country Oak LLP92
Country Oak VGW81T
Country Oak SCB81


EW22 Salvaged Chestnut in an open plan space

WP313 Ignea

LLP112 Hartford Living Room Flooring - LooseLay
NEW: Vintage Hickory EW12
NEW: Salvaged Chestnut EW22
Ignea WP313
Hartford LLP112

RKP8109 Reclaimed French Oak


NEW: Weathered American Pine LLP335
Reclaimed French Oak RKP8109
NEW: Salvaged Barnwood RKP8209
NEW: Salvaged Barnwood SM-RKP8209

RCP6539 Charred Weathered Pine



Charred Weathered Pine RCP6539
NEW: Weathered Barnwood RKP8211
NEW: Weathered Barnwood SM-RKP8211
Salvaged Redwood VGW101T

LLP109 Stamford - LooseLay

RCP6531 Vintage Oregon Oak

LLP305 Reclaimed Heart Pine - LooseLay

Stamford LLP109
Vintage Oregon Oak RCP6531
Reclaimed Heart Pine LLP305
NEW: Reclaimed Chestnut EW21


LLP303 Antique Heart Pine - LooseLay

RP94 Scorched Oak

VGW102T Charred Oak
Antique French Oak RKP8110
Antique Heart Pine LLP303
Scorched Oak RP94
Charred Oak VGW102T


VGW76T Vintage Pine
Honey Maple KP90
NEW: Classic Hickory EW13
Vintage Pine VGW76T
NEW: Vintage Pine SCB76


VGW71T Reclaimed Oak - Van Gogh

Reclaimed Maple VGW71T
NEW: Reclaimed Maple SCB71