Our Story

Walker family

It started in the summer of 1973 when Michael (Mike) Walker, a young flooring salesman, began looking for a way to make it on his own. After becoming successful at selling others’ designs, in a moment of inspiration, he decided it was time to introduce something completely new and different to the vinyl flooring industry.

In his eyes, a floor should both beautiful and practical. By traveling the world seeking inspiration for what are now the most realistic luxury vinyl flooring products on the market, Mike found a way to create more than just a floor – he created a flooring concept. With an endless combination of planks, tiles, borders and design strips – not to mention the ability to cut the product into anything imaginable, his idea meant people were no longer just getting a floor. They were getting something custom-made and personal – a Karndean Designfloor.

In the 1990s, Karndean moved out of the trunk of Mike’s car and into a little black and white house in Offenham, United Kingdom. Mike’s daughter Fleur took over the reins of the business while his son Chris was out on the road selling. The rest of Karndean’s handful of employees worked out of the Offenham house along with the Walker family’s dog, Smokey. Yes, the Great Dane who is present on Karndean’s logo today.

Over time, Karndean continued to grow, moving out of the Walker house and into the Karndean UK headquarters and showroom in Evesham in 2002. 

 Karndean Timeline

Karndean US

Our original US facility was established in 1996 in Massachusetts and relocated to North Versailles, Pennsylvania in 1999. At the time, Karndean employed 10 full-time employees. In 2005, Karndean US relocated once again, to the location where our US Headquarters still stands today in the Pittsburgh suburb of Export, Pennsylvania. Karndean continued to grow and thrive, leading to the opening of our West Coast distribution center and showroom in Las Vegas in 2011, followed by our Dallas location in 2013. In 2015, we doubled the size of our Export facility, expanding the warehouse, production and office areas. Today, Karndean employs approximately 100 full-time employees.