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Environmental Sustainability

At Karndean Designflooring, we pride ourselves on environmental awareness in the supply and maintenance of our products worldwide and are committed to the continual improvement of our manufacturing and logistical processes


Our Products



Corporate Responsibility

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Our Products

Use Sustainable Materials

Did you know the key raw material in our product (PVC) is manufactured using salt, a truly sustainable resource? PVC is the same trusted material used in vital medical equipment, including heart and lung bypass tubing, and is the second most widely used polymer in building and construction. 

Process of creating a floor from raw materials

Our products' wear layers use high-quality 100% virgin PVC, with recycled PVC as part of the remaining layers.



Are Low-VOC

All Karndean products have been independently tested and proven to be very low emitting in volatile organic compounds (VOCs), meeting the strictest standards for air quality. 


Our adhesives are water-based and solvent-free and have extremely low VOC emissions.


Low Impact Cleaning and Maintenance

Our K-Guard+® protective coating reduces the need for harsh and odorous chemicals to maintain our products and keep them looking their best.


Are Designed for a Long Life

Our products offer an expected lifespan in excess of 35 years for domestic use, which typically accounts for 80% of the environmental impact of the product. Any products where adhesive has not been used may be uplifted and re-used or simply recycled.


All of our products have an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), an independently verified and registered objective report based on a life cycle assessment (LCA). 



Have Environmental Accreditations 


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Incorporate Responsible Packaging and Logistics

Our packaging is made using recycled material and our shipping partners participate in the FedEx EarthSmart initiative and SmartWay program.

Corporate Responsibility 

Factory and Warehouse Practices

Products are manufactured in factories certified to the ISO 9001 Quality Standard and ISO 14001 Environmental Standard, which means we are committed to continuous improvement of environmental performance, including systems to control water usage, and product packaging made of 100% recycled material.

US-based distribution centers use high density racking to maximize capacity and minimize impact.

Karndean corporate warehouses and offices are actively engaged in innovative energy-saving techniques, including daylight harvesting lights, skylights and LED lighting.


Recycling Programs

More than 200,000 lbs. of pre-consumer cutting waste from our USA facilities is sent to recycling plants each year for reuse in products such as parking cones, garden hoses, rubber sheeting, roofing material and some interior car parts.


Our aim is to remain a leading supplier of LVT worldwide and to have a market leading environmental record of achievement through the continual development of sustainable products and processes.