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Why Karndean Designflooring?

An introduction to Karndean vinyl floors


Karndean Designflooring is one of the world's leading suppliers of luxury vinyl tile flooring. We faithfully recreate the look of natural products such as wood and stone in our wide range of wood planks and floor tiles.


Unlike the natural materials they replicate, our flooring products don't crack or split, are quieter and softer underfoot, low maintenance and are easier and quicker to install. Our luxury vinyl tiles are extremely durable, whether exposed each day to lively children and pets in the home or walked on daily by thousands of superstore customers.


Why partner with us?


When you partner with Karndean Designflooring, you can be assured you are working with some of the leading experts in luxury vinyl tile. Our priority is to deliver beautiful floors that are long lasting in any environment and easy to care for.


You can also be certain that with Karndean, whichever floor you choose will be in stock and available. With our large warehouses in the United States, you will get your floor delivered exactly when you need it.


Please contact one of our customer service specialists if you are interested in using Karndean for your next commercial project.