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Korlok Select

Alpine Lace RKT2408

This delightful antique-white limestone design features a lightly stenciled Moorish pattern. Stenciling has been used in interior design for centuries and our subtle pattern allows you to add time-worn charm to your project.

Korlok Select‘s 5G® interlocking stone tiles are quick and easy to float over most existing hard floors and are quieter underfoot than natural tile.

More information

Korlok Select features a 5G vertical click locking system, specifically designed for an easy installation, as it allows installers to quickly click and lock planks together. Korlok Select showcases intricate wood designs in a durable 20mil wear layer and meets and exceeds the ASTM standard for slip resistance.

Korlok Select is backed by a 15-year commercial warranty and our HoldFast 15-Year Warranty guarantees that securely locked planks will not come apart at the end seams.

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