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Korlok Reserve

Smoked American Maple RCP6545

In its natural form, maple is relatively straight grained and fine textured, creating an elegant and understated floor. Our designers fumed the boards to enhance the wood's underlying features, highlighting the subtle contrasting tones in the knots and sap marks and creating a distinctive floor for commercial settings.

Korlok Reserve's 48" x 7" plank size and innovative click-lock system make it quick and easy to install over most existing hard floors.

More information

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Color: Dark Brown

Size: 48" x 7" (1220mm x 179mm) wood plank

Wear Layer and Thickness: 20mil wear layer 6.5mm thickness

Beveled Edge: Micro

Texture: Textured

Effect: Maple flooring

Box Quantity: 23.51 ft2

View the full technical data sheet

For CAD files, access Floorstyle, select your preferred floor and click on 'CAD Service' to download multiple planks or tiles and associated 3D models.

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