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Korlok Select

Palazzo Marble SM-RKT3012-G

Developed from Calacatta marble sourced in the Apuan Alps, this brilliant white Italian marble design exudes style. Silver-black veining lends character and authenticity, while stainless gravel-colored InteGrout™ adds contrast between individual tiles. The overall natural background color variation ranges from cooler, contemporary white to warmer shades of antique white, creating wide appeal and versatility to suit any space. The bold veining found in Palazzo Marble also naturally varies between tiles to replicate an authentic natural marble look.

These 6” x 24” accent tiles are made specifically to be laid in a herringbone pattern, further elevating the sophistication of the design.

Perfect for smaller areas of your project, including hotel bathrooms or entryways, lay these herringbone accent tiles in adjoining rooms next to their larger 18” x 24” counterparts. View RKT3012-G.

More information

Korlok Reserve features a patented and proven 2G locking system specifically designed for an easy installation, as it allows installers to quickly lock planks together. Korlok Reserve features a mix of intricate designs in a durable 20mil wear layer. 

The Korlok Reserve range has a 15-year commercial warranty.

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