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Mixed Use Developments Metro Grey RKT3007-G

The Evolution of Mixed-Use Developments

Posted on the 5/25/2022 by Karndean Designflooring

It would be easy to think in a post-COVID landscape that multifamily or mixed-use developments would be on the decline due to the population density in urban areas and the number of shared spaces within these settings, but the reality is quite to the contrary. For residents, mixed-use developments keep necessities within walking distance; for commercial tenants, “guaranteed” foot traffic is a large draw; and for developers, mixed-use is less of an investment risk. According to WGSN, post-pandemic mixed-use developments (and cities in general) are moving toward the following:

Cities that feel more like villages, with all necessities within easy reach, will become important for those looking to redefine their lifestyles in the wake of the pandemic.

A large part of this post-pandemic lifestyle involves planning for health and well-being, for both residents and commercial tenants, including the materials used in the built structures themselves. From increased walkability to getting rid of individual vehicles in favor of public transportation, residents of mixed-use developments are drawn to the increased physical activity and a lessened impact on the environment.

In addition to lessening dependence on individual vehicles, mixed-use developments diminish the infrastructure maintenance costs that often burden local governments (source: University of Texas). An analysis by Smart Growth America found that “municipalities save about 38 percent on infrastructure costs like roads and sewers when serving compact development instead of large-lot subdivisions (source: Reonomy).”

US_MixedUse_RKT2408 AlpineLace RKT3009-G PebbleGrey.jpg

Alpine Lace RKT2408 & Pebble Grey RKT3009-G

Another component of the rise of mixed-use developments is a shared desire for community after living in isolation for so long. Mixed-use developments not only foster community with residents, but these residents are also invested in developing relationships with the businesses below or next to their residential communities. Shared amenities give residents a place to develop relationships with their neighbors and in the wake of the pandemic, more residents will be seeking developments that offer both indoor and outdoor amenities or green spaces in which they can socialize.

Karndean Designflooring in Mixed-Use Developments

US_MixedUse_LLP332 Urban Fabric Oak.jpg

Urban Fabric Oak LLP332

As mentioned, part of creating a healthy living environment includes specifying materials that contribute to overall health. In addition to helping projects earn WELL status, Karndean Designflooring luxury vinyl products meet the strict indoor air quality emissions standard of FloorScore® by carrying a low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) test certificate; and our rigid core products are ASSURE Certified by the Resilient Floor Covering Institute (RFCI) and SCS Global Services. Our products comply with California’s Proposition 65 and are free from chemicals known to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. Learn more about our environmental credentials here.

In addition, our loose lay and rigid core products have enhanced acoustic properties that reduce noise transfer to the unit below, supporting mental wellbeing, supporting healthy sleep patterns, aiding in concentration and reducing stress levels.

US_MixedUse_RKT3003-G MountainSlate Multi_FamilyApartment.jpg

Mountain Slate RKT3003-G

Specifying Karndean luxury vinyl will also make a development even more marketable and desirable to the sustainable consumer. We are a member of the United States Green Building Council and our products can help projects earn LEED v4.1 points. In addition, our products can be easily cleaned by both residents and staff without the use of harsh chemicals.

US_MixedUse_WP329 Bleached Grey Walnut.jpg

Bleached Grey Walnut WP329

With wear layers ranging from 12 to 30mil, our floors are suitable for both residential and commercial applications, from apartment units to indoor amenities, and retail stores and restaurants. With our natural designs and a flexible mix of livable communal and personal spaces, mixed-use developments can offer spaces where residents want to linger and interact with neighbors, the local environment and the wider community; while also creating a sense of place and belonging with intriguing designs that reflect the culture of the local community. With products that can be easily cleaned by residents and on-site staff alike, combined with our long product life cycle, ensures that the client's investment will be protected for years to come.