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Terracotta image via WGSN

Trend Report: Terracotta

Posted on the 3/30/2022 by Karndean Designflooring

Even before the start of the pandemic, earth tones were coming back into the spotlight for their calming effects, but terracotta especially has jumped to the forefront. Fostering a connection with nature, and in tones ranging from burnt oranges to rust browns - and even shades with pink undertones - terracotta can add an artisanal or bohemian quality to a space. Whether your home style/project’s style is modern, Mediterranean, rustic or eclectic the incorporation of terracotta touches will both complement your style and radiate warmth throughout the space.


Image courtsey of WGSN

Terracotta (Italian for “baked earth”) has historically been used in art and architecture for as far back as 2,000 years. Seen in sculpture, brick work and ceramic tile, terracotta is a clay-based material formed by sediment. Oxidized iron within the clay is what creates its unique color. In Northern Europe though, it’s not uncommon to see cotta in beige to gray tones. (Source: Knowledge Bank)


Looking to terracotta tones into your projects through flooring in a more practical format than actual terracotta (which is porous and requires sealing). If you’re inspired by Victorian interiors or classic geometric patterns, Mayfair MAYF-01 might be the perfect Karndean floor to complement your terracotta-styled space. Alternatively, if you’re inspired by Moroccan or Iberian style, Marrakesh SP220 features chalky terra tones.


We also have a variety of color and design options that would complement the terracotta tones in your space and add to the warm and welcoming atmosphere you’re creating. For a richer look in a wood floor, we like how this color looks with Hartford LLP112 or Character Walnut LLP315. Or you can play up the rust tones in our Antique Copper RKT3002-G. For a more muted cotta look – more in the Northern European style- you may like Sandstorm RKT3010-G or Aged Parchment RKT3011-G. Explore the Korlok Select range to see all of our cotta-inspired visuals. 

How do you plan to incorporate terracotta into your upcoming projects?


Header image courtsey WGSN