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NAA Apartmentalize Booth 2022

As Seen at Apartmentalize

Posted on the 6/27/2022 by Karndean Designflooring

Last week, we exhibited at the National Apartment Association’s Apartmentalize 2022 show, held at the San Diego Convention Center, where the multifamily industry’s thought leaders, trendsetters and innovators come together to share ideas and solutions.

US_NAA_ContentImgs (3).png

We were thrilled to showcase our multifamily luxury vinyl portfolio, along with previewing some new designs and formats in our Knight Tile and Opus ranges to come later this year.

US_NAA_Booth and Stacker.png

Exciting changes are coming soon to our Knight Tile 12mil product range! Originally a gluedown range, we will soon offer every visual in both gluedown and rigid core formats, with planks sized 36” x 6” and tiles 12” x 18” in both constructions. New visuals will also join the range, including light Scandinavian pines; natural, washed and limed oaks; and new stones developed from aggregate concrete and Carrara marble. We’ll also be introducing 48” x 9” chevron gluedown and rigid core planks in our Pale and Mid Limed Oak visuals.


Coming soon to Knight Tile: River Marble and Pale Limed Oak Chevron

New commercially focused visuals will join our Opus 20mil gluedown range later this year. Drawing inspiration from Italian building materials like stucco and terrazzo, in addition to Italian pigments. Designed for seemingly endless wayfinding, zoning and pattern possibilities, these latest visuals are ideal for use in entrances, building amenities and other shared spaces within multifamily developments.


Coming soon to Opus: Burnt Sienna, Amber and Yellow Ochre blend; and Albertina

Karndean Designflooring luxury vinyl floors are a beautiful, yet practical choice for multifamily settings. Easy to clean by both residents and in-house staff, options that reduce noise transfer by up to 25dB, and formats that offer individually replaceable planks and tiles should one become damaged, we had a great time sharing how our floors can meet the needs of residents, building owners and maintenance staff alike.

For more information on how our floors can enhance your property and increase your bottom line, visit our Multifamily webpage or contact your commercial business manager for more information on any products you saw at the show.