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2022 Colors of the Year Commercial

2022 Colors of the Year Will “Recharge” Your Palette

Posted on the 12/22/2021 by Karndean Designflooring

While 2021 was certainly a better year compared with 2020, as a society we are still looking towards the upcoming year with hopes of a fresh start, which is reflected in trusted interior authorities’ colors of the year. Themes of rest/recharge/relaxation, connections with nature, and transformation following the pandemic run through each of these colors. After all, most of these companies draw from the same psychological and societal influences to determine their choices. Most are varying shades of green, from sea glass to a more saturated green, blue-gray. However, there are a couple shades that may surprise you.

Overall these soft, neutral hues will translate across most commercial sectors. Many of these are meant to complement another interior trend: the use of natural wood tones, whether that’s in furniture or flooring. There may not be a clear color of the year choice to apply to hospitality and retail projects, but Pantone’s choice may meet your project needs.

Behr: Breezeway

Described by Behr as “a relaxed and uplifting sea glass green,” Breezeway is a tranquil, almost pastel color that can be used as an accent color in coastal-inspired spaces.


Room scene via Behr. Karndean products: (left to right) Terra, Pearl Oak, Classic Hickory, Natural Oiled Oak, Weathered American Pine, Reclaimed French Oak.

There are a variety of Karndean luxury vinyl options that would complement Breezeway, depending on your personal style. Light washed colors like Pearl Oak or Terra if you want to keep a sense of lightness and ease within your space; Natural Oiled Oak or Classic Hickory if you have a more classic or traditional stye; and Weathered American Pine or Reclaimed French Oak’s cooler undertones and distressed visuals will suit a more rustic style.

Benjamin Moore: October Mist

October Mist is a silvery sage green that, according to Benjamin Moore, “creates a canvas for other colors – and your imagination – to blossom.” The subtlety of this hue adds versatility, making it suitable for a variety of commercial settings, from multifamily, to healthcare, to retail.


Room scene via Benjamin Moore. Karndean products: (left to right) White Painted Pine, French Grey Oak, Weathered Elm, Aged Parchment, Salvaged Barnwood, Classic Limed Oak, (inset) Vintage Pine.

If you’re leaning toward a warm-toned Karndean floor, Vintage Pine or Classic Limed Oak will complement the yellow tones within October Mist; French Grey Oak, Salvaged Barnwood or Aged Parchment are neutral wood and stone options, respectively; and Weathered Elm has cooler gray tones within it that will complement the green tones of the paint.

PPG Paints: Olive Sprig


Room scene via PPG Paints. Karndean products (left, top to bottom) Textum, Portland Stone, Washed Butternut, (right, top to bottom) Urban Fabric Oak, Mid Limed Oak, Blended Oak.

Rooted in a connection to nature, and a bit more gray-green than October Mist, is PPG Paints’ Olive Sprig. Since this color has more gray in it, it generally pairs well with mid-to-dark browns and some grays. For a floor with high variation and a bit of a weathered visual, Urban Fabric Oak has a unique mix of warm and cool tones that will complement an industrial or modern aesthetic; Blended Oak, Mid Limed Oak, Washed Butternut and Portland Stone offer some transitional choices; and Textum’s hybrid concrete and woodgrain visual adds a contemporary touch.

Sherwin Williams: Evergreen Fog


Room scene via Sherwin Williams. Karndean products: (left to right) Grey Scandi Pine, Cambric, Limed Jute Oak, Taupe Oak, Antique Copper, Spring Oak.

Perhaps the deepest of these greens, Evergreen Fog is mid-tone organic green that Sherwin Williams describes as “a gorgeous green-meets-gray, with just a bit of blue.” For a Scandinavian-inspired or minimalist-styled project, look to Limed Jute Oak or Grey Scandi Pine; to complement a traditional setting, consider Spring Oak to add a bit of warmth to the space, or Taupe Oak to maintain a neutral palette; in areas where a stone look is preferred, Antique Copper would complement traditional or industrial styles, while Cambric is more contemporary. 

HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams: Aleutian


Room scene via HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams. Karndean products: (left to right) Grey Limed Oak, Gallatin, Ignea, Hessian Oak, Character Walnut.

A departure from the shades of green, Aleutian is a neutral “washed indigo that sets a restful tone.” For this reason, you could incorporate this color into any setting that calls for a restorative environment, from senior living projects to a spa-like resort settings. Pair Aleutian with mid-tone woods like Hessian Oak, Character Walnut or Ignea or light, neutral-to-cool grays such as Grey Limed Oak and Gallatin.

Pantone: Very Peri

According to Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, “Very Peri displays a spritely, joyous attitude and dynamic presence that encourages courageous creativity and imaginative expressions.” For projects that call for an intentional bold and vibrant color, Very Peri could meet that need.


Veri Peri image via Pantone. Karndean products: (left to right) Alpine Lace, Vanilla Oak, Glacier Oak, Dusk Oak, Kilauea Koa, Natural Walnut.

There are a couple flooring approaches you could take when designing with Very Peri. Either pair with mid-to-dark browns like Dusk Oak, Kilauea Koa or Natural Walnut; a lighter, washed visual with cool grays like Glacier Oak or Vanilla Oak; or a light neutral gray/white like Alpine Lace.

Planning to incorporate any of the 2022 colors of the year into upcoming projects? Request free swatch samples of your favorite complementary Karndean colors!