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Korlok Select Stones versus Porcelain Tile

Posted on the 10/13/2020 by Karndean Designflooring

We recently introduced 17 stone looks to our interlocking Korlok Select floating floor range. Like all Karndean floors, these stones are waterproof, durable and feature original Karndean visuals. These visuals were developed from antique French cotta, Calacatta marble, slate, limestone and include Moorish stenciled tiles. 

Perhaps you’re considering a porcelain floor for an upcoming project. With our Korlok Select stones you can achieve your design vision without the practical drawbacks of porcelain. Here are some of the benefits of selecting Korlok Select stones over porcelain tile.

Stain-Resistant and Color-Coordinated InteGrout™ 
Typical textured grout can age a porcelain floor. Because these types of grout are porous, they absorb substances that are spilled on them, stain and discolor over time. 


Metro Grey RKT3007-G

However, all but two of our Korlok Select stones come with seamlessly attached InteGrout™ that is nonporous, stain-resistant and color-coordinated to complement the color of the tile. Spills can be easily wiped with a damp cloth and pH neutral cleaner. Not only is InteGrout™ easy to maintain, but it ensures consistent lines and spacing between each tile, and it won’t crack with seasonal temperature fluctuations. When you specify Korlok Select stones over porcelain tile, you can save up to $1 per square foot on sealing and cleaning costs each year (based on $1/sq.ft. to clean/seal porcelain versus $0.05/sq.ft. to clean with Karndean Clean solution).

Lighter-weight Tiles for Multi-level Application
At just 1/3 of the weight of the average porcelain tile of the same size, Korlok Select can be easily transported and installed in any level of a structure, making these products especially convenient for retrofits in multi-level applications.


Arctic Mist RKT3005-G

Acoustic Qualities
An added benefit of having these tiles installed in any level of are the acoustic qualities. Each tile has a pre-attached acoustic foam backing that reduces noise transfer to the room directly below by 22dB, perfect for hotels, multifamily complexes or any multi-level facility.

Faster and Easier Installation


Brunella Marble herringbone SM-RKT3013-G

Our Korlok Select stones were designed to facilitate a faster installation than porcelain tile and allows foot traffic up to 4x faster than porcelain tile. Based on a 1-day (8-hour) installation of Korlok Select stone compared to a 1-day (8-hour) install of porcelain and includes 24 hours of dry time for grout.

  • Pre-attached acoustic foam backing eliminates the need for a separate underlayment.
  • K-Core® allows for a fast installation over most existing hard floors; save up to $4 per square foot on subfloor preparation and labor costs.*
  • InteGrout™ eliminates the messy and time-consuming grouting process entirely.
  • 5G® fold down locking mechanism allows installers to easily drop and lock tiles into place 1.5 times faster than other locking mechanisms (source: Valinge).



Antique Copper RKT3002-G

In addition to the product’s construction, Korlok Select requires less tools to install. Tiles can be easily scored and snapped using a utility knife, with no need for a scribe or tile cutter. Once installation is completed, the floor can immediately be opened to foot traffic. Because there is no need for mortar or grout, it requires no time to cure.

Ready to explore the Korlok Select stones? View the range and request free swatch samples!


*LVT: cost estimate includes material, prep and install
*Porcelain: cost estimate includes material, grout, thinset, prep and install