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Social Distancing Solutions with Karndean Designflooring

Posted on the 6/15/2020 by Karndean Designflooring

One challenge of COVID-19-impacted commercial design is implementing physical distancing without making this the aesthetic focus of the space. Flooring plays a key role in letting patrons and employees know where to stand and adding decals is a practical solution for existing floor coverings. Moving forward with new construction, especially in upscale settings, stickers can be distracting or unpleasing to look at, get dirty quickly and need to be frequently removed and replaced. One solution is to incorporate the necessary six-foot distancing into the flooring layout, which is easy to do using our individual luxury vinyl planks and tiles.

Design Concept 1: Alternating Colors | Tiles/Planks Spaced 6' x 6' Apart



Fumo SP216
Lutum SP218

Lutum SP218
Casablanca SP219

US_SocialDist_HC01HC06alt.jpgDawn Oak HC01
Midnight Oak HC06

For smaller specialty stores or take-out only restaurants, mark standing spots for ordering and paying/cash out areas so that patrons know where to stand and can safely do so at the required 6-foot distance. The concept above easily and intuitively marks where patrons should stand at the counter. Even in a setting with existing Karndean gluedown or loose lay planks or tiles, you could easily replace a piece in a different color to create physical distancing.

Design Concept 2: Integrated Lanes | Lanes Spaced 6' x 6' Apart


Lutum SP218
Fumo SM-SP216

Lime Washed Oak KP99
Honed Oyster Slate ST17

Country Oak LLP92
Dakota LLT212

If you’re looking for a more structured pattern that sets up lines, such as in a larger retail setting, grocery check-out lines or at a bank, the above example has brick-laid field tiles offset by perpendicular tiles in the same color, forming a lane. At every six feet along the lanes, lay a plank to represent where patrons should stand.

Design Concept 3: Grid Format | Grids Spaced 6' x 6' Apart


US_SocialDist_HC01HC06Grid.jpgDawn Oak HC01
Midnight Oak HC06

US_SocialDist_KP96KP98ST5Grid.jpgMid Limed Oak KP96
Aged Oak KP98
Soapstone ST5


US_SocialDist_WP328WP329WP330Grid.jpgWashed Walnut WP328
Bleached Grey Walnut WP329
Tenebra Walnut WP330

In an office setting, hotel lounge, or medical waiting area you could easily design the floor in a 6’ x 6’ grid so that each employee or guest has their own “cube,” as shown above. This format would also work well for spacing out tables in common areas including cafeterias or dining halls, student centers, dine-in restaurants and could even define individual hair salon stations.

Design Concept 4: Zoning and Wayfinding


Terra SP212, Sylva WP417

You've likely come to know Karndean Designflooring for our multi-directional planks and tiles, allowing you the freedom and flexibility to design without the limitations of other hard surface floors. Use different colors within the same product range to easily separate front and back of house areas without the need for transitions; or create paths that facilitate customer or employee traffic flow while incorporating markers that are six feet apart, depending on the project setting.

With Karndean Designflooring, you can maintain the necessary COVID-19 social distancing guidelines in a stylish and function manner across a variety of commercial applications. Share your design concepts with us on Instagram.