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Tips from the Table: Engage with Pattern

Posted on the 8/3/2020 by Karndean Designflooring

One of the more visually impactful elements of interior design is pattern. Aesthetic purposes aside, pattern instantly attracts the eye and can be strategically used to bring attention to key areas within a space. Bold pattern by itself can be overwhelming, but when used in moderation, it really sets off a space. This is especially significant in settings that aim to capitalize on heavy foot traffic and bring patrons inside and in larger interiors to guide guests to commonly accessed areas.

Karndean Designflooring offers many pattern possibilities, including patterned tiles and the ability to create a unique laying pattern with our individual planks and tiles, allowing you the design versatility needed to create an engaging and functional floor.

Subtle Pattern Adds Visual Interest


Natural Walnut WP326

In areas where pattern is best used to complement and not pull focus, incorporating subtle pattern with an interesting laying pattern may be the best approach. Perhaps you’ve framed off an area you’d like to highlight, such as a display in a retail setting. While you don’t want to distract from the merchandise, you may wish to incorporate herringbone to add visual interest and complement your overall design scheme.


Attract the Eye and Drive Foot Traffic


Fumo SP216, Marrakesh SP220

In today’s digital age, the floor has become the maximum impact zone due to our constant engagement with hand-held technology. In commercial settings with high levels of foot traffic, like a mixed-use development for example, incorporating pattern into a store or restaurant entrance will instantly attract the attention of passersby and drive additional traffic inside. 


Remove Guesswork 


Alternatively, eliminate any guesswork for guests or residents in hotel or multifamily applications by featuring commonly accessed areas within the space, such as elevator bays, host stands or check-in desks. New Iberian-inspired patterned tiles from our 20mil Opus gluedown range will help you achieve your goals of highlighting these key areas in a quick-to-install format.


Highlight Key Areas to Drive Sales



Clifton CLIF-01, Salvaged Chestnut EW22

In addition to driving foot traffic, pattern can also drive revenue by directing guests to the most profitable area within the space, like a restaurant bar or a feature display in a retail store. In the photo above, the angled lay pattern of Salvaged Chestnut EW22 above leads the eye to the bar area, highlighted by Cilfton CLIF-01 from the Heritage Collection, making the bar a destination that can’t be missed by patrons. 


From simple details like choosing a unique laying pattern to showstopping mosaics like those in the Heritage Collection, Karndean Designflooring allows you to incorporate pattern to any degree in a functional and stylish manner.


Share your patterned designs with us on social media!