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The Rapidly Evolving Senior Living Landscape

Posted on the 8/17/2020 by Karndean Designflooring

Flooring in senior living facilities must by hygienic, durable, easy to maintain, and have a calming, homelike effect on residents. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, healthy and nontoxic building materials have moved to the forefront of specification. Given the rapid spread within these types of communities, senior living facilities are ripping up carpet in favor of safer and easier to clean options. With Karndean Designflooring, create a beautiful environment that not only attracts new residents, but promotes health and wellbeing. 

Hygienic: Unlike carpet and even hardwood which can trap dirt between planks, our non-porous luxury vinyl planks and tiles do not contribute to mold, mildew or bacterial growth or trap allergens. Both our products and our adhesives carry the FloorScore® Indoor Air Quality certification and are phthalate- and BPA-free. Our products are based on vinyl (PVC), the same trusted material used in vital medical equipment, including blood bags, and heart and lung bypass tubing. None of our products are carcinogenic and none contain raw materials which are either reprotoxic or endocrine disrupting. Learn more in our Environmental Statement.


Honey Oak VGW94T and Burnished Cypress VGW96T

Easy to Clean: Cleaning and maintenance are of utmost importance in today’s climate, and facilities have had to increase what may have been a once daily cleaning to multiple times each day. Regular care by on-site staff with Karndean Clean or any other pH neutral, fragrance-free cleaner approved for use with vinyl floors is all you need to keep our LVT looking its best. When used properly, routine maintenance with Karndean Clean will safely kill and remove germs, effectively killing COVID-19 on the floor’s surface. There is no need for harsh, odorous chemicals or waxing to take care of our products. You can frequently, safely and quietly clean your Karndean floor. Reference our Cleaning and Maintenance page for further instructions.

Durable: With wear layers up to 30mil, our floors can withstand even the most demanding environments, including static loads up to 2,000 psi*, wheelchairs, Hill-Rom beds and other heavy equipment. *Varies by product range. Consult our technical data sheets for more information.


Honey Oak VGW94T and Burnished Cypress VGW96T

Puts Residents at Ease: It can be a difficult transition to go from living independently at home to an assisted living setting. Create a warm and welcoming atmosphere where residents will feel at home using our stylish luxury vinyl planks and tiles. With formats that feature enhanced acoustic properties, reducing noise transfer between levels, residents can enjoy a peaceful living environment. Our products are ideal for creating a custom look for the community and adding wayfinding throughout the space. Visit our Laying Patterns page for ideas. 

Cost: When compared to carpet tile, not only does Karndean LVT check the practical and aesthetic boxes, but it will also help you reduce costs over time. On a 40,000 sq.ft. job, you could save nearly 50% over 10 years by specifying our product instead, helping to offset unbudgeted expenses due to the pandemic. Contact your Commercial Business Manager (CBM) for a cost analysis. Don't have a CBM? Contact Us.

Learn more about Karndean Designflooring in senior living settings or contact our customer service team to be put in touch with a Karndean Commercial Business Manager in your area.