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Influential Color Drivers: Determined

Posted on the 10/6/2019 by Karndean Designflooring

It’s certainly no secret that yellow hues have been making a comeback in interior design, including mustard, golden and bright and beaming shades. Generally speaking, yellow is most closely associated with sunshine and thus, positivity and happiness; but as we move into the fall season and richer color palettes, we have the chance to explore alternative shades of yellow that carry a different meaning.

At this year’s NeoCon exhibition, we highlighted several color influencers that will be driving commercial design, including one yellow that is the perfect addition to a fall color palette: Determined. This sharp and intense modern yellow represents our desire to both live in and seize the moment.


We paired Determined with Storm Oak from our Art Select Wood gluedown LVT range (see top photo). This cool gray floor provides a neutral base around which you can craft a design-forward space. Its gray tones, reminiscent of storm clouds in the distance, allow Determined to stand out, like a bolt of lightning.  Available in 48” x 7” planks with a hand-scraped emboss, Storm Oak is a versatile visual and color for many types of applications. With a 30mil wear layer, these planks can withstand even the heaviest of foot traffic. Other complementary Karndean Designfloors include: French Grey Oak, Bleached Grey Walnut and Shadow Oak.

Our Determined moodboard incorporates other industry trends, like the use of organic materials, earth tones and biophilic design. These colors and textures could easily translate to a hip office space, a boutique hotel, a university student lounge and so much more.


Determined moodboard featuring Storm Oak, chairs by Hightower

The juxtaposition of Determined against the lighter green, yellow and brown-orange color swatches (shown at the bottom of the moodboard) allows Determined to be a strong, attention-grabbing accent color, that will instantly catch the eye.

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