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Spotlight on Style: Modern Rustic

Posted on the 11/14/2019 by Karndean Designflooring

Chances are you know Modern Rustic style when you see it, but is this trend too residential to work into your projects? Not to worry. From reclaimed flooring and exposed beams to natural furniture and decor, the basis of this style is stripped back natural materials that create a warm and cozy space - elements that can be incorporated into many types of settings. Utilize these design elements to create the perfect Modern Rustic project.

Incorporation of Natural Wood and Stone


Hartford LLP112

The incorporation of natural wood is a hallmark of Modern Rustic style and is typically the main natural material used in rustic spaces. Exposed beams or pillars and naturally finished cabinets, flooring and even ceilings are commonly found in rustic spaces. These woods are complemented by natural stone, typically a fireplace, counter or on the floor. There is often a rough or unfinished quality to these materials. For example, not all the stones need to be the same size or wood beams could show some splinters or cracks. 

While natural hardwood and stone flooring is stunning, it is not always a practical flooring solution. At Karndean Designflooring, we combine the most beautiful and unique features of natural wood and stone to create our original luxury vinyl flooring designs. From pine to barnwood, we offer a variety of waterproof and durable floors to complement Modern Rustic style. View our Modern Rustic palette here.

Layer with Contemporary Finishes


Charred Oak VGW102T

While the natural materials set the foundation for the space, the incorporation of accent hardware adds variety and additional texture. Modern Rustic style has evolved over the years to include contemporary and/or organic finishes, including leather, wrought iron, bronze, glass and more. These updated finishes add casual appeal and balance so that not everything in the room is wood or stone. Because of this progression, it’s not uncommon to see aspects of rustic style paired with aspects of industrial style, including steel and exposed brickwork.

Practicality is the Design Intent


Salvaged Barnwood RKP8209

Modern Rustic is a practical style, with furniture and décor pieces thoughtfully placed in each room. It’s a more relaxed style, nothing over the top or too opulent but also not cluttered. This doesn’t mean you can’t include décor that is simply decorative; but if you do, it should reflect the overall feel of the space and be kept to a minimum.

By incorporating these design elements into a remodel or new build you will be well on your way to creating the Modern Rustic space you envision! Share your completed Modern Rustic projects with us on Instagram!