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Case Study: University of North Texas

Posted on the 2/4/2019 by Karndean Designflooring

In any academic institution, it's important to foster an environment where students will learn and flourish. As the University of North Texas began transforming Sage Hall, originally used as an office building, into the campus' new Academic Success Center, it was important to create an aesthetic that would both inspire students and please administrative officials.

The renovation required flooring for communal work/study areas, classrooms and tutoring spaces, and the connecting corridors. Administrative officials wanted to create a clean, open space that struck a balance between commercial and residential. "It was important that the space be relatable to students," said Manager of Campus Planning, Facilities Planning, Design and Construction, Thanh Kim Nguyen. 


Colorado LLT201 (left), Raven Oak LLP302, Pearl Oak LLP306, French Grey Oak LLP308

Due to the age of the existing subfloors, Nguyen was looking for something in a thicker profile. After learning about the installation method and acoustic properties of Karndean LooseLay from her Karndean representative and seeing the clean lines and texture within the planks, Nguyen knew this collection was the solution she was seeking.

See how Nguyen used a combination of three colors from our LooseLay Longboard range and a stone visual from Karndean LooseLay to complete the project by reading the complete case study