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Minimizing Layers of Liability

Posted on the 12/9/2019 by Karndean Designflooring

As a design professional you are all too familiar with the amount of materials needed to complete just one project. When specifying flooring, you not only need to choose the exact material and color, but also the proper moisture or sound barrier and adhesive. Each product that makes up the assembly of the floor is a potential “layer of liability.” When you partner with us, you not only get a quality product, but you get the convenience of sourcing everything you need through us - from start to finish. By using one supplier, you not only reduce risk, but save time and energy researching what products can and cannot be used together.

Moisture Mitigation
Karndean Designflooring offers all the components you need for a smooth and successful installation of our products. For subfloors with excessive moisture, we recommend using Kovara™ 95 and Kovara™ MBX to mitigate the issue. These products will eliminate days from project schedules and are compatible with all three constructions of our LVT.


Kovara™ MBX (with adhesive rolled on), QuietChoice Premium Acoustic Underlayment

In multifamily, hospitality and other environments where acoustics are a primary concern, pair our products with QuietChoice Premium Acoustic Underlayment to achieve a rating of up to 72. Achieve a rating up to 72 (ASTM E492).

Karndean Designflooring adhesives are specially formulated for the optimum performance of our LVT. Trowel-applied, roll-on, spray and epoxy are all available to choose from – from Karndean DrySet which can be used on substrates with moisture readings up to 95%, to Karndean K-Spray 98 which can be used on substrates with moisture readings up to 98%.

Flooring Material
Our products are known industry-wide for their durability and high performance, even in heavy traffic commercial applications. All ranges of our luxury vinyl floors are covered by commercial warranties ranging from 10-20 years, giving you and your clients peace of mind. 


Karndean DrySet application, Karndean commercial cleaning products


After installation, end users can keep their Karndean Designfloor looking brand new by using our suite of cleaning products: Karndean Clean, Karndean Remove and Karndean Refresh. Karndean cleaners are guaranteed to be compatible with our floors, unlike other products which can leave a residue, affect the sheen of the product and diminish the visual over time.

You have undoubtedly had to call flooring manufacturers in the past to ask if certain products can be used with their floors only to have the manufacturer tell you to consult the other supplier. By purchasing all these components through us, you have only one source to go to if questions or problems arise during or after installation, eliminating the headache of calling each supplier individually or the chance that specified products aren’t compatible. Specify with confidence by partnering with Karndean Designflooring.

For more information about the products mentioned, visit our Products, Adhesives and Sundries, or Cleaning and Maintenance pages.