Roadshow Recap

Canada Roadshow Recap

Karndean Designflooring

We are excited to share with you the success of the second annual Karndean Designflooring Skills Development Event in Canada.  Last week our Karndean Canada team traveled across the country to work hands on with the local installers and retailers to challenge them to “see flooring differently”.

Our three events took place in Saskatoon, Calgary and Kelowna where we took our guests through the pinnacles of Karndean. Development of the products, the installation of the products and the tools and resources Karndean has to showcase, promote and visualize Design Flooring.

Development of Karndean

Martin Bell one of the original staff on the Karndean Designflooring team spoke about the process of designing a Karndean floor. Martin along with our development team travels the world in search of natural inspiration to develop original product designs. One of our latest designs from the Korlok range (featured above) is inspired by the original floor boards we sourced from a 17th Century French Chateau.

Installation of Karndean

A beautiful product is only as good as the installation and we truly believe the installers need to love Karndean and all the possibilities to install design flooring as much as the consumers do. So we invited Design flooring Master Shaun Baston over from the UK to join us on this trip and share his wisdom on how to install a design floor.

Visualizing a Design Floor

Karndean offers our consumers, retailers and designers alike the opportunity to discover and create their own design floor from the comfort of their home or office. Karndean Floorstyle, our interactive room viewer, blew our retailers away. This tool allows the user to play around with laying patterns, mix different colours and even split the screen to compare designs.

We were thrilled with the response from our customers at the show, all eager to learn new skills share their thoughts on what we can do to help them grow.

If you are a flooring retailer or designer please reach out to to find out how you can sell or spec Karndean and the resources we have to make it easy!

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