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Clerkenwell Design Week Round-up

Our Highlights: Clerkenwell Design Week 2017

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In May each year, the design community comes together to share ideas, showcase current projects and enjoy collective inspiration at Clerkenwell Design Week. From architects and designers to trend forecasters and product makers, the event is a must-do for those interested in all aspects of commercial space design.

With an eye on flooring styles and how these fit with current commercial needs, we attended the festival to explore concepts and meet with industry professionals. We proudly displayed our Kaleidoscope sculptures, made by artist Sally Hogarth, as well as taking part in a Mix Interiors magazine roundtable event (to be published in their June edition.) We also invited our friends and clients to join us at Lazybones for our Sundowner event.

After enjoying three days at Clerkenwell, here are our show highlights and trends to look out for.

Geometric styling...

Geometric shapes at Clerkenwell Design Week

Once again, geometric styling plays a big part in our interior inspiration. With clean lines and striking edges, we are able to play with shape and tone creating graphic feature areas and incorporating a patterned finish. Geometric shapes and patterns are a constantly renewed theme within architectural design, thanks in large to their versatile nature and the individual touch they can add through layout and style.

Karndean Tripoint sculpture at Clerkenwell Design Week

#mykaleidoscope Tripoint sculpture

Our Kaleidoscope sculptures showcased the geometric look along the streets of Clerkenwell. With our floor tiles providing a central focal point, and angled mirror panels reflecting their shapes, they created a striking visual effect that stopped people in their tracks. 

Detailed texture...

Textured patterns at Clerkenwell Design Week

Whilst clean scandi-styling is still a popular choice, those looking for a personal touch can find it in the way of detailed texture. From intricate craft work to stunning art panels, a textured finish creates a luxurious feel that attracts attention and leaves a lasting impression. Detailed wallpaper can help to accentuate feature areas and can add an atmospheric feel to a functional space.

Industrial metallics...

Metallic details at Clerkenwell design week


Metallic tones are the perfect way to highlight details and to complement lighting solutions. Whether slick and shiny or a characterful matte finish, metallic fixtures and fittings can be dressed up or down suitably, depending on the purpose of the space. Metallic details also allow for a more exposed look, with piping and components forming a visible part of the finished look. 

Opulent patterns...

Patterned material at Clerkenwell Design Week


As Summer approaches, we move on from the wintery connections of Hygge and look to more vibrant soft furnishings. With lighter tones, and geometric references, opulent patterned material adds a burst of personality to your space. To create a welcoming, but not too familiar feel, these striking lavish patterns are the perfect finishing touch.

Did you enjoy the festival?

Photographing a Karndean sculpture at Clerkenwell Design Week

We hope you enjoyed the event as much as we did. Don't forget, if you spotted our sculptures on your way along the trail, share your snaps with us using the #mykaleidoscope hashtag. On 31st May, we will select our favourite image and the winner will receive an annual membership to the Design Museum.

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