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Adhesives aren’t simply a part of the installation process; rather, they ensure the long-term performance and a positive experience for all Karndean customers. Our adhesives are specially formulated for the optimum performance of a Karndean floor - we recommend using Karndean adhesives for best results. All of our adhesives are water-based, solvent free, eligible for LEED credits, and carry low Volatile Organic Compounds emissions (VOCs). In addition, Karndean DrySet pails are biodegradable and Karndean K-Spray cans are recyclable.

We offer a variety of adhesive options, ranging from traditional trowel-applied to sprays, allowng you  to work with products that will match the environmental requirements of the space.

K-91AR is a trowel-applied, tack set adhesive, ideal for use over both non-porous and porous subfloors (excluding areas subject to excessive temperature and moisture). Note: If you have used K-91A in the past, K-91AR is used in the same manner, but has a higher RH rating (85% versus 82%).

Our Epoxy is a two-part adhesive that provides an extremely strong bond and is recommended for areas subject to excessive temperature. Depending on the porosity of the subfloor, this should be applied with either a square-notched trowel or a u-notched trowel. Epoxy may be used in environments with an RH up to 80%.

Karndean K-Spray uses 80% less adhesive when compared to trowel-applied epoxy and bucket adhesives, and dries in as little as 10-20 minutes. K-Spray comes in 22 oz. cans, which cover between 150 and 185 square feet, and may be used on substrates with moisture readings up to 90% RH. Immediate foot and rolling traffic is allowed after the final installation, including Hill-Rom beds. 

Coming soon is K-Spray 98, which may be used in environments with moisture readings up to 98%! Ask your Karndean Business Manager for more details.

Karndean DrySet

Karndean DrySet application

Lastly, Karndean DrySet is a roll-on adhesive applied with a 3/8” nap roller. This product dries in 10-15 minutes, which facilitates even faster installation times. Like K-Spray, DrySet may be used on substrates with an RH up to 90%. Immediate foot and rolling traffic is allowed after the final installation, including Hill-Rom beds, but do not allow standing water or large moisture spills within the first 48 hours.

In environments where the RH is above what is covered by our adhesives, ask your Karndean Business Manager about our VersaShield moisture barriers.

For more information about our adhesive offering and for install instructions, please contact your Karndean Business Manager. To place an order or to reach our technical department, contact us at 888-266-4343.

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