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Karndean swatche with bimstore logo

BIM Objects Join Our Digital Library and bimstore

Posted on the 11/9/2022 by Karndean Designflooring

Karndean Designflooring BIM objects are now available through a digital library on our website and are hosted on bimstore - a free online tool that provides specifiers with high-quality manufacturer BIM content ready for specification.

“Ease of specification is a vital component that sets Karndean Designflooring apart from other luxury vinyl flooring suppliers,” Vice President of Commercial Sales Thomas Baldwin said. “These website updates and our collaboration with bimstore allow us to make our BIM objects quickly and conveniently accessible to building and interiors professionals.”


bimstore is completely free to use, including viewing and downloading, and provides files built to the highest quality and detail. Specifiers simply search for a Karndean product, download it and specify it in their model. Each BIM component includes necessary and critical information such as textures, dimensions and data, and content is built in accordance with industry standards.