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Introducing Our Digital Product Library

Posted on the 2/9/2021 by Karndean Designflooring

Introducing our new Digital Product Library, where we've digitized our suite of architectural folders to keep our full selection of commercial luxury vinyl flooring products at professionals' fingertips. 

Visitors to the Digital Product Library will find an architectural folder for each Karndean Designflooring product range. The spine of each folder specifies the format of luxury vinyl (gluedown, loose lay or rigid core), the wear layer, and whether wood or stone visuals can be found inside. The library is easily accessible and aims to bridge the gap between design professionals working from home and those in the office.


“The user simply clicks to open a folder and finds a swatch of each color in the range, a layered diagram, the product design inspiration, and technical information all in one location,” explained Milton Goodwin, Vice President of Commercial Sales. “For design professionals working from home or on-the-go, we want to continue to support them, as we have throughout the pandemic, with the tools needed to easily specify our products.”

Also included within the library is a digital version of the Product Selector, a more in-depth specification resource that includes pattern guides, full-page product photos and environmental credentials.

From the library, users may also request physical copies of each book and see how a product fits into upcoming projects by uploading project photos into the Floorstyle digital floor visualizer.

Explore the Digital Product Library.