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Introducing Korlok Select Stones with InteGrout™

Posted on the 9/13/2020 by Karndean Designflooring

After introducing the Korlok Select interlocking rigid core range three years ago, we have just released 17 new stones to the award-winning line, offering visuals developed by, and unique to, Karndean in a quicker and easier-to-install alternative to porcelain tile.

Known for traveling the world in search of expressive and intriguing natural forms to inspire our designs, Korlok Select stones are inspired by antique French cotta, Calacatta marble, slate, limestone and include Moorish stenciled tiles. The Calacatta marble visuals are available in two sizes: 18” x 24” tiles and a 6” x 24” herringbone format, allowing designers to scale the visual to the size of a space.

US_KLSLaunch_Brunella.jpgBrunella Marble: Available in a 6"x24" herringbone (SM-RKT3013-G) and 18"x24" tiles (RKT3013-G)

InteGrout™ eliminates messy and time-consuming grouting process entirely

Color-coordinated InteGrout™ is seamlessly attached to all visuals, except the two stenciled designs. InteGrout™ eliminates the grouting process entirely, contributing to 50% upfront cost savings when compared with porcelain tile. Unlike typical textured grout, smooth and nonporous Karndean InteGrout™ does not harbor dirt and bacteria, will not crack with seasonal temperature fluctuations and can be maintained with a pH neutral cleaner.

“Every aspect of Korlok Select with InteGrout™ contributes to a faster installation and significant cost savings when compared with porcelain tile, including the 5G® fold-down locking mechanism, waterproof K-Core® and pre-attached acoustic backing,” Karndean Designflooring director of marketing Jenne Ross said. 


Volcanic Slate RKT3001-G with closeup of 5G® locking mechanism

Korlok Select stones are equipped with a 5G® fold-down locking mechanism, whose performance is guaranteed by the HoldFast® 15-Year Commercial Warranty, along with waterproof K-Core® technology that allows for fast installation over most existing hard floors. A pre-attached, closed-cell acoustic foam backing reduces noise transfer to the level below by 22dB and does not pool water or encourage mold, mildew or bacterial growth. Like all Karndean floors, Korlok Select is finished with K-Guard+® surface protection to provide a hygienic, durable and easy-to-clean finish.

View the latest Korlok Select visuals and request samples for your upcoming projects!