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Heritage Collection: The Pinnacle of Designed Flooring

Posted on the 6/21/2020 by Karndean Designflooring

Introducing the new Heritage Collection, comprised of stunning luxury vinyl visuals that embody the pinnacle of designed floors.

Inspired by geometric tiled floors found in grand Victorian and Regency landmarks and homes, each design has been developed to capture the opulence of these traditional English architectural styles and patterns. The monochromatic and bold palettes available within this collection complement classic spaces and contemporary interiors alike.



Clifton CLIF-01 with Art Select Salvaged Chestnut EW22

A pattern that looks stylish in traditional black and white, Clifton is also offered in a contemporary mix of dove gray and azure blue balanced with soft white and black highlights.



Mayfair MAYF-01 and MAYF-02

The Mayfair pattern is offered in a classic color combination of blue, terracotta and gray or as a modern interpretation with a combination of azure blue, crimson and gold.

These first designs to join the Heritage Collection are part of the Karndean 20mil Opus gluedown luxury vinyl product range. The individual geometric pieces are assembled into 9” x 9” (Clifton) and 12” x 12” (Mayfair) panels. The Heritage Collection has a 15-year commercial warranty.

Want to see what these new designs look like in your upcoming projects? Upload a photo to Floorstyle to get started!