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What is Kaleidoscope?

Offering architects, interior designers and contractors the ability to explore a new world of patterns and shapes using Karndean, Kaleidoscope is a unique collection of wood, stone and block colors available in six geometric designs including Cubix, Pennon and Apex.
Our Kaleidoscope palette of wood, stone and solid colors can be cut in a number of popular shapes and patterns, offering the design community unparalleled flexibility at the point of specification.

Rustic Cafe with a Black, White and Gray Cubix Floor
Above: Cubix using SP111*, SP213 and SP114*
*Not stocked by US, but available for this program.

Individual shapes are cut from original Karndean products, meaning they retain our authentic designs and key technical specification including slip resistance, wear layer and light reflectance value (LRV).

Retail Changing Area with White Washed, Gray Washed and Brown Wood Tripoint Floors
Above: Tripoint using KP103*, KP104* and KP105
*Not stocked by US, but available for this program.

See what shapes and designs are available and find out the technical information, including installation guides.

Aqua Bar Case Study Images Gif with Apex floors
Above: Apex using KP96 and WP313

To find out more about this custom program, please contact the Commercial Sales team at 888-266-4343, email us or speak to your Commercial Business Manager.