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Inspired by nature, designed for performance. Introducing Karndean LooseLay Originals

Posted on the 7/11/2021 by Karndean Designflooring

Flooring has the ability to completely transform a room. Whether you're updating a single room or planning a new home build, the choices can be confusing. You want to be confident you're choosing the flooring that best suits your life, your style, and your budget. Now, with the launch of our exciting LooseLay Originals range – a beautiful collection of luxury vinyl flooring inspired by nature and designed for performance – We’ve helped narrow your choices.

Originally launched in 2011 our Loose lay format quickly became a favourite with consumers and designers alike, not only for its realistic and natural appearance but for its practical benefits as a premium luxury vinyl flooring. A decade on, our new and updated LooseLay Originals range brings some timeless favourites from the original range together with newly created designs. Featuring 18 wood-look planks and 12 stone-look tiles developed to complement a wide range of interior styles. 

LLOG Blog Images 930 x 520 (13).png

Explore the range

Enjoy the authentic and versatile looks of classic wood and stone

Our designers have captured the authentic details, colours, tones and textures from natural wood and stone samples collected from around the world. Our LooseLay Originals collection of wood-look luxury vinyl planks celebrates the beauty of oak. Choose from the natural grains and classic colours of European Oak, the aged and weathered patina of Character Oak, distinctive growth ring details of White Oak, reclaimed and distressed characteristics of Rustic Oak or the versatile good looks of Limed Oak.


Inspired by Character Oak, Pietra, Honed Limestone, and European Oak

Our collection of LooseLay Originals stone-look luxury vinyl tiles also takes its inspiration from nature to offer an on-trend colour palette to complement every interior style. Choose from Pietra, capturing the earthy tones of stone slab floors, the on-trend subtlety of Honed Limestone, or the inspired and versatile simplicity of Concrete. Our large format loose lay tiles help to create the authentic look of stone-paved floors or a poured and finished slab.


  Inspired by Rustic Oak, Limed Oak, Concrete and White Oak

Why choose Loose lay? 

It's not just design versatility that makes loose lay floors such a popular choice for homemakers and professional designers. Many choose the loose lay format for its ergonomic comfort underfoot or for its superior acoustic qualities. Others because it's a hygienic and safe choice for their family, free from BPA, phthalates and formaldehyde. Above all, Karndean loose lay is chosen because it provides a practical and cost-effective flooring solution with a long life of low maintenance and enduring good looks.  

LLOG Resi Blog layer diagram 930 x 520.png

LooseLay Originals vinyl planks and tiles are designed to stand up to the comings and goings of even the busiest households – kids, friends, pets and all the happy mess and chaos of life well lived. A multi-layered design includes the K-Guard+ surface protection system. K-Guard provides a commercial-grade, protective top layer for outstanding resistance to scuff marks, stains and fine scratches to keep floors looking good for longer.

LLOG Resi Blog USP 1 930 x 520.png

Designed for life view our Loose lay brochure

Every loose lay product also features Karndean K-Wave® friction grip backing. This innovation uses weight and friction to hold the flooring in place. No clicking or locking. In the majority of installations, a minimal amount of our Hi-Tack Pressure Sensitive adhesive is all that's required. It also means loose lay is quick and easy to install. And should you ever need to replace a damaged plank or tile, simply lift and replace the individual piece.

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View our Floor Care Guide

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Explore the range

Ready to experience LooseLay Originals? 

Explore our amazing Floorstyle Flooring Visualiser where you can view this exciting new LooseLay Originals range in your own home at the push of a button or why not take advantage of our free sample and brochure service delivered straight to your door? 

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