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Inspiring interior design trends. Golden Age

Posted on the 3/01/2022 by Karndean Designflooring

At home with nature, Golden Age

Through a continuing period of enormous social, political, and economic change, time spent at home has led many of us to reimagine what home can be. While there are several different 'looks' emerging as popular trends and fashions, they are all driven by a singular shared vision of the home as sanctuary: a place of comfort, nurturing, and authenticity. It's a vision brought to life in the style of the Golden Age, a look that meets the brief for warm, welcoming, and wholesome living spaces.

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The Golden Age is all about interiors that spark joy and a closer connection to nature, bringing a comforting glow. As we reconnect to the things that matter most, an organic palette, materials inspired by nature, and the artisan's hand in furniture and furnishings come together in wholesome, energising, and clever interiors.

Golden Age wood.png

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In a time of change and uncertainty, the Golden Age palette taps into the comfort of the familiar. Organic colours of the earth, timbers and natural fibres bring the grounding and nourishing power of nature into the home. Think the colours of sun-ripened wheat ready for the summer harvest, natural clays and terracotta’s, pure butter and the nostalgic hues of sepia. Authentic warm tones and pigment shades are restful on the eye yet tactile, inspiring and nourishing.

Just as the directional colour palette infuses warmth, calm and authenticity into living spaces, so do the materials, textures and furnishings that define the Golden Age style. Not surprisingly the warmth, textures and tones of natural timbers confirm wood as a key directional element... from flooring through to furniture.

Golden Age stone.png

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The look of traditional parquetry, herringbone and sun-washed wide boards bring warmth and luminosity to interiors on which personal style and comfort can be layered. For premium and reassuring elegance, classic oak flooring comes to the fore. In kitchens, juxtapose wooden joinery and flooring with subtly textured, stone.   

Furniture finds an artful balance between form and function. Mid-century design classics sit comfortably with the handcrafted charm of tribal statement pieces. Accessorise with handmade pottery, glassware in organic shades and shapes and fabric prints inspired by nature. Natural fibres and textures such as cane, rattan and woven seagrass continue the organic theme while textured knits, soft leathers and comforting velours bring all the warmth and comfort that make a house a home. 

Get the Golden Age look using our exciting new range of LooseLay Originals wood and stone-look luxury vinyl tiles in our popular and versatile Loose lay format.  

Check out our Instagram and Pinterest pages for more interior inspiration and don’t forget to tag us @karndean_anz to share your own Karndean flooring.