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Let the character of wood take centre stage

Posted on the 11/08/2021 by Karndean Designflooring

Our experience of living through a pandemic has given us all an increased appreciation of the natural world and its health benefits. By introducing a natural look into our homes, we can continue to support our mental wellbeing even when we are indoors.

Recently, designers have been challenging our assumptions about how wood can be used in our homes. High end interiors are now giving pride of place to humble materials such as untreated plywood and chipboard while furniture designers have been creating imaginative pieces in organic fluid shapes that blur the boundaries between function and aesthetics. 

By changing the way we think about using wood in our homes and allowing the tone, texture and pattern of the material to take centre stage, we can create spaces that will nurture us. 

From the palest Grey Scandi Pine to the darkest Midnight Oak, our collection of wood design flooring offers endless possibilities but to get you started here are three popular styles to spark your imagination.


Van Gogh SCB-VGW80T White Washed Oak

Pale and interesting

The lightest toned woods will introduce a sense of airiness and space. Whitewashed planks and driftwood bleached silvery grey by sun and sea offer interesting textures and patterns and barely there shades of colour. 

In this room above, White Washed Oak from our Van Gogh range adds a rustic naturally weathered texture. Delicate oak grains coupled with the cool chalky washed finish give you a striking and versatile backdrop to suit your room style. Pairing the subtle colouring of this pale toned floor with a cool neutral shade on walls and light wood furniture has created a modern rustic country style that is perfect for relaxing.

To complete the casual, laid-back look simply add an eclectic mix of your favourite vintage pieces in muted colours and untreated materials such as wicker, tin and wool. Even better if they’re a bit rough around the edges as this will add to the soft lived-in feel.

LooseLay Longboard LLP317 Lemon Spotted Gum

Warm and inviting

On a grey day the rich tones of a wood design floor will lighten your mood and make the whole world seem brighter. Keeping your room simple with a pared back approach to furnishings and colours will let the warmth of the wood shine through.

In this example, the cool, crisp lines within this design give a more modern feel, ideal for stylish, contemporary homes. The subtle spotted appearance and large amounts of sapwood within the boards reflect the natural characteristics of this rich, Australian wood making it easy to see why Lemon Spotted Gum continues to be one of our most popular ranges.

This is our LooseLay Longboard, which features our largest planks in a collection of 20 sophisticated and contemporary wood designs. They're by authentic European, American and Australian woods including pine, walnut and spotted gum, designed for quick and easy installation.


Art Select HC06 Midnight Oak

Dark and mysterious

Create an air of mystery with the distinctive look of recycled timber. A burnt or age worn wood unashamedly celebrates its origin and its dramatic darker tones will combine well with metalwork and exposed brickwork to give a homely feel to an industrial style. 

If you are looking for a really contemporary statement space based on real oak looks, but with all of the benefits of modern design and maintenance, then take a look at Midnight Oak from our Art Select range. The pitch black colour is softened by its detailed grain, crafted texture effect and contemporary matt finish. As per the room shot above, adding a pop of colours can create a wonderful contrast and will give the space an elegant and warm finish.

Which style is your favourite? Join the conversation and find inspiration on our Instagram page @karndean_anz