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Pantone colour of the year 2021

Posted on the 24/01/2021 by Karndean Designflooring

If you havent already heard the exciting news, Pantone has released not one but two independent colours to inspire us for the new year promoting “A deeper sense of thoughtfulness with the promise of something warm and sunny and friendly.” Pantone describes.

Ultimate Grey and Illuminating Yellow

Visit Pantone


We think these colours are very fiting with our continued optisim for the new year. Lets take a look at styling Karndean Luxury Vinyl woodlooks with this new summer combo inspiration in mind.

 Opus Grano WP4311

Opus Collection

To work this on trend duo into your own home, try a few sunny accents to brighten the mood. Especially for those who are working from home, this is an easy way to freshen up your home office space in line with the new energy 2021 brings in this gorgeous colour inspiration selection.

We recommend utilising Illuminating Yellow to add a pop of colour, for instance cushions or designer pieces such as ceramics or soft furnishings that can be updated easily in your living and bedroom spaces or towels and flowers in kitchen and bathroom spaces.

For a more substantial dose of these versatile hues and taking inspiration from Ultimate Grey, we look to our contemporary Grano flooring from our Opus range for inspiration.

Grano laid in herringbone next to another bold flooring option such as Carbo, gives us a contemporary, clean timber look in a way that balances this union, providing a modern and versatile backdrop for splashes of yellow.

          Van Gogh Country Oak VGW92T-7LLST


LooseLay Collection

Earthy shades pair beautifully with other natural organic hues and tones, so we like to consider shades of yellow and grey form the autumnal colour pallet such as ‘mustard seed’ and Dulux ‘Rainmaker’.

Accessorising this duo in a denotive way against earthier organic elements such as our LooseLay Hartford Country Oak creates a timeless warm combination, as small and simple changes such as updating decor with your pre-existing wood and stone mantels can really drive in a ‘fresh beginning’s’ feeling for the new year.

              Korlok Shadow Oak RKP8203

Korlok Collection

Our Rigid Core Korlok Shadow Oak is a characterful design with subtle shadow cross sawn markings and a muted weathered appearance.

With its contemporary light cool grey undertones, paired with the bold shades of Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Grey this fresh and vibrant look underscores our desire for flexibility and energy in the new year.

Here we have illustrated the use of bold pink alongside Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Grey, demonstrating a very simple way to uplift a minimalist living room design into an impression of self-expression.

As always, we will keep you updated throughout the year with the latest trends throughout 2021, and likewise we would love to see how you have used yellow and grey in your home décor! Upload a photo to Instagram or Facebook and tag @Karndean_ANZ

Have you also tried our Floorstyle flooring visualiser tool? This amazing tool allows you to see our floors in your own home. You can also order your free Karndean flooring samples today.