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Spring has sprung! Interior colour trends of Spring 2020

Posted on the 8/09/2020 by Karndean Designflooring

In this Spring edition of Trend Watch we explore the must-have interior colour trends of the season, a time of rebirth, renewal and awakening.

This Spring, designers are introducing some familiar and exciting new colours into spaces by blending contemporary designs with vintage charm to create the ultimate eclectic look.

As always, we have plenty of flooring options when it comes to working with on-trend colour palettes and below, we look at how our new Van Gogh Rigid Core flooring products can work with this seasonal palette.


Trending Spring tones

Looking at this seasons Dulux colour palette inspiration, we are instantly transported back in time with a fresh take on some traditional classic tones with exciting pops of retro colour.

Tonal blues inspired by the early twentieth century, with warmer shades of rust and mustard capturing an sophisticated retro style.

The overall palette blends traditional charm with electric retro hints to create a layered aesthetic that feels new and fresh, yet remains familiar and elegant.


Furnishing your space

During Spring, when the weather clears and the sunshine returns, we feel a sense of vibrancy and awakening. A burst of energy that lifts us out of the winter gloom.

Introducing this fresh new found vibe into your space can be achieved with the painting of walls and the introduction of exciting new art pieces, furniture and soft furnishings to give your space a full Spring inspired make over.

We adore the combination of classic heritage pieces layered with pops of retro 60’s, 70’s and 80’s décor to create an eclectic and yet elegant vintage style.


Flooring for your space

Our ranges of beautifully crafted and intricately replicated flooring options provide seemingly endless options when it comes to selecting the perfect floor to complement your Spring inspired space.

The vibrancy of this seasons trending colours calls for a simplistic flooring to contrast this colourful palette and to act as canvas to build upon, which will also help ground the various tones used within the space.

Our wood look Van Gogh Rigid Core flooring options can contrast these tones by either adding natural warmth, coolness or a touch of calming neutral to the space to help balance the overall look of your eclectic vintage style.


Ebony SCB-VGW89T

White Washed Oak SCB-VGW80T

Lemon Spotted Gum SCB-VGW104T

Frosted Birch SCB-VGW83T

Further to the natural beauty of our fourteen new Van Gogh Rigid Core products, the range offers you a durable home flooring solution that is quick and easy to install with minimal downtime.

Rigid Core is up to the everyday challenges of a busy family home with the added benefits of being both kid and pet friendly, fully waterproof, quiet and comfortable under foot along with a 5G click-locking mechanism that allows for the preservation of pre-existing hard floors beneath.

Visualise our many flooring options for your Spring inspired space using our Floorstyle Visualiser Tool and be sure to like us on Facebook and Instagram for regular inspirational interior updates.