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Be inspired by Scandinavian interior design

Posted on the 13/08/2019 by Karndean Designflooring

Scandinavian interior design is characterised by minimalism, simplicity and functionality. The dominant colour scheme is usually white with splashes of colours in natural shades. Rooms are bright and airy with plenty of natural light and are decorated with natural materials and organic patterns. Wood flooring is also a common feature of Scandinavian-styled homes.

If you’re thinking about giving your home a fresh new look, here’s a few suggestions of wood-style flooring options that would be perfect in helping to achieve the Scandinavian look.

Grey Scandi Pine KP131

Maximising natural light is very important in Scandinavian design, and light-coloured wood floors set the foundation for home interiors. For a contemporary style this Northern Scandinavian Pine has been treated to a grey wash which enhances the characterful grain details and adds interest to a classic look.  

Canadian Urban Oak RKP8116

Keeping a clutter-free space is at the heart of Scandinavian design, and so bare walls and empty spaces are key, while wood pieces complete the look. Easily infuse Scandinavian influences into any modern clean room with Canadian Urban Oak. Its deep blond colouring has been lightly brushed to enhance the natural light colouring for the overall look.

Originating in eastern parts of America, butternut is a protected wood and is very hard to come by in its natural form. Often referred to as white walnut, it is an incredibly soft wood making it impractical for use as flooring. By retaining the natural characteristics of butternut and reproducing in a luxury vinyl format however, means homeowners can enjoy the beauty and appeal of the original wood without the drawbacks of the natural product. 

Washed Butternut boasts a light hue with subtle grey undertones and markings that create a fascinating rendering, making it a perfect flooring choice for this minimalist Scandinavian-designed home.

Washed Butternut RKP8108 and Baltic Washed Oak RKP8101

Bring your Scandinavian look to life by introducing plants to your space. In keeping with natural themes, Baltic Washed Oak inspired by Danish oaks, with its light tone board boasts distinctive markings that really hit the mark. The matt, textured finish, combined with grey undertones, makes for an on-trend look that suits Scandinavian design perfectly.

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