Keep a Clean House on the Go

Tips for cleaning on the go

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During holiday season, routines are often relaxed and whether you’re home or away, there’s usually greater opportunity to take life at a more leisurely pace. You may be using holiday time as an opportunity for a spring clean, a spot of decorating or even a renovation project but if you’ve got children around, your best chance of tackling larger household jobs could be when the kids are back at school again. If it’s the day to day cleaning you struggle with, we’ve come up with a few tips to help you save time while still juggling your family’s busy schedule.

Do a little bit each day

Clean house - kid's bedroom and bathroom 

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Nobody wants to spend hours deep cleaning at the weekend and we’ve all done those speed-cleaning frenzies when a guest is due to arrive any minute. There will be much less last-minute cleaning to do if you tackle a few things each day…and we don’t mean by yourself -what kid doesn’t love to use the dust mop, right?

Try to tackle these areas once a day:

Wiping down kitchen counters and table
Clearing dishes out of the sink
Picking up clothes or toys that get tossed on the floor
Wiping down the bathroom sink and cleaning the toilet
Sweeping the floor around the dinner table

Clean up messes as they happen

Clean messes

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Whether it’s dirt tracked indoors by your dog or toys thrown from a high chair, it’s best to clean up little messes as they happen, so that stains don’t have time to set in and no one trips or slips over something on the floor. If you happen to have our luxury vinyl flooring, you can easily wipe up spills and use a broom or dust pan and brush to clean up everyday household messes. Read our advice about cleaning your Karndean flooring. What’s even better, all of our flooring is waterproof. Learn more about our family friendly flooring.

Clean while you sleep

Clean house - utility or laundry room 

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If only it were that easy…but you can accomplish a couple of things while you sleep. Run the dishwasher before you go to bed so that you can wake up to clean dishes; which can be put away while your morning coffee is brewing. You could also put the washing machine on, or load the dryer before bed and do a quick touch-up in the morning to get rid of any wrinkles.

Organise clutter

Clean house - hallway and storage boxes

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In a busy household there will always be some chaos, but you can minimise the amount of clutter by having “catch all” bins or baskets in the busiest areas of the house. This way, if you need to tidy up the house quickly, the kids can put any scattered belongings in the room into their bin. There are plenty of stylish storage solutions that allow you to utilise this idea! 

By keeping up with clutter and messes as they happen, enlisting some happy helpers, and tackling bigger cleaning projects a little bit at a time, keeping up with house cleaning can be much less stressful and give you more time to spend with your family!

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