Tips from the Table: Creating a grouted wood effect

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The floor is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when designing your space, mainly because of the large amount of space it takes up within the room, but also because a floor is something you'll have down for years and can't change as often as furniture or paint colors. At Karndean, we see flooring differently, and have created design components to allow for maximum personalization. Any design you can imagine for your home is possible with designflooring. By getting creative with our design strips, borders and special cuts, and mixing up the use of color, you can create a truly unique floor that you will love for years to come.

Our “Tips from the Table” blog series will show you how to recreate popular design trends with our more practical luxury vinyl planks by laying out some different products on our design table, which houses full-size pieces of our products, along with our design and feature strips. If you visit any platinum dealer or Karndean showroom, you can work with your design professionals to experiment with floor layouts on their design table too!

Today’s blog focuses on how you can create a unique floor design using our design strips. You have probably heard about porcelain grouted wood on HGTV or in design magazines and while it looks fantastic, in reality this look requires sealing, the grouting itself can easily stain, and the overall floor is cold to walk on. Enter Karndean. You can recreate the look of porcelain grouted wood in a vinyl format that is much warmer and softer underfoot, doesn’t discolor, and is much faster to install because no sealing is required! 

To create the look of porcelain grouted wood, outline both the length and width of the plank with design strips. For a fresh, modern look, pair our White Painted Pine KP105 planks with Taupe AF04 design strips, as shown below.

White Painted Pine KP105 with Taupe design strip

Even if you’ve only seen one episode of “Fixer Upper,” chances are you’ve heard Chip and Joanna use the term “ship lap.” Often used in barns, ship lap uses partially overlapping planks to create a grouted effect in-between them. The original purpose of ship lap was to provide protection from the weather, but nowadays this look is more of an interior design trend used for aesthetics, rather than function. To achieve this look, simply run design strips along the length of each plank, as shown below.

White Painted Pine KP105 with Taupe design strip

You can even create the illusion of wide plank flooring by applying the same principles of ship lap, but instead of running design strips between every plank, run the strips along the length of every other plank. This look works particularly well in large, open areas, and can even make small rooms appear to have more depth.

White Painted Pine KP105 with Taupe design strip

These are only a few ways you can customize your floor using our selection of design strips, but the possibilities are endless. For a similar look, we recommend pairing Lime Washed Oak with Beige strip, Grano with Chalk strip, Dawn Oak with Ebony strip, Dusk Oak with Ivory strip or Reclaimed Redwood with Ebony strip. To try your own combinations, check out our Floorstyle floor designer, which will allow users to create these designs in April! 

If you'd rather see it for yourself, visit your local platinum retailer and try different combinations on their design table to find inspiration for your next home project. Don't forget to share your creations with us on Twitter or Instagram!

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