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With the second installment of Fifty Shades of Grey hitting cinemas this weekend, we thought we'd present our own version of Fifty Shades Darker!

Darker floors add balance and contrast, exuding luxe sophistication. Anchor rooms with bright white cabinets and furniture and allow for the use of bright accents of color. Karndean’s darker flooring options allow intricate knot and grain details to shine through, and in some cases, provide colours that nature simply doesn’t produce. Let’s cross into the “dark” side of Karndean…

Salvaged Redwood VGW101T

Van Gogh - Salvaged Redwood (VGW101T)

Our dark browns add richness to any space, and typically look best when paired with a lighter wall color. Because there are so many different shades of brown, make sure you select furniture, paint colours and accessories in colours that complement the undertones of the floor. For example, our Salvaged Redwood, which has a reddish gray tone complements the reddish bricks, and warm wood counter tops, as pictured above.

Art Select Black Oak AP03 Midnight Oak HC06

Design Tip: Our Art Select Black Oak (left) and Midnight Oak (right) correspond with one another so that you can mix a parquet pattern with a 36” x 6” plank.

For elevated drama, dare to go black with your flooring. Black flooring gives a room a moody, yet elegant feel. If you’re concerned that a black floor will make a room feel small, there are plenty of ways to create a bright space and have a dark floor, such as incorporating metallics or bright colour flashes. We offer a number of blacks in wood, stone, textile and iconic looks, and while you may think all black floors look the same, each one has its own style and personality. View our 'Darker Design' post for more tips for incorporating darks into your home décor.

Michelangelo Umbrian Nero MX92 LooseLay Nevada LLT205

Michelangelo - Umbrian Nero (MX92) and LooseLay - Nevada (LLT205)

And to really embrace the Fifty Shades theme, take a look at our range of grey floors. Since our first Fifty Shades post in 2015, we have updated our portfolio to include several new on-trend dark greys, from the rustic Reclaimed Redwood (Van Gogh) to the sleek contemporary look of Da Vinci's Drift or Sindon.

Sindon CER21

Da Vinci - Sindon (CER21)

We have a variety of dark shades to suit your style in warm, cool and neutral tones. To begin your search for the perfect dark floor, browse our full selection of floors by tone. Want to see how a darker floor will look in your home before you buy? Use our Augmented Reality app to see what our floors would look like in one of your rooms, then request a sample of your favorites!

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