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Tino LLT208

Cool off-white tones and subtle stone details make Tino the perfect canvas on which to build a luxurious and classic interior.

Our designers have captured the essential qualities of true stone that have brought elegance to interiors and architecture for thousands of years. Tino celebrates the classic and enduring whiter shades of limestone that can be seen in celebrated interiors around the world.

The timeless qualities of this traditional limestone colour offer an on-trend flooring solution suited to a range of interior styles. It can create harmony in minimalist interiors and resonates beautifully in mono-colour schemes of barely-there pastel tones. Tino beautifully complements finishes and textures such as timbers and soft leathers, and the contoured shapes of objects found in nature.

As part of our LooseLay Originals collection, Tino makes it easy to bring the reassuring simplicity of honed limestone to your interior without the expense and construction challenges of stone.

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