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Discover the benefits of gluedown flooring

Our Gluedown ranges are individual planks and tiles that are stuck down using permanent adhesive. They can be customised with design strips, borders, laying patterns and custom cuts, as well as offering our widest choice of colours and formats. 

Features such as textured emboss or our premium handscraped finish, wide bevels, or flat edges make each range unique to Karndean and serve to highlight the faithful replication of the original wood and stone that inspired each of our products.

GLUEDOWN Layered Diagrams UK & AUS Text.png

100x100 Wide range of designs.png
Wide range of designs
Inspired by a breadth of natural woods and stones across the full colour spectrum, you have a choice of over 150 striking designs and formats to choose from across our four gluedown ranges.
Suitable for any budget
We offer products at different price points throughout our gluedown collection, ranging from our most affordable range, Knight Tile, up to our most premium collection, Art Select.
No expansion gap required
No need for an expansion gap - can lay straight up to the skirting board without removing.
Design capabilities
Our gluedown ranges can be personalised with design strips or complementary borders. Gluedown can also be curved and cut to fit into even the most awkward space.