Flotex Sheet Flooring and Pedigree Carpets

Stylish, durable and practical textile flooring and carpets for commercial applications. Discover more.

We offer two types of commercial textile floor coverings; Flotex Sheet and Pedigree Carpets. Please see below for more information on Flotex Sheet and Pedigree Carpets.

Flotex Sheet flooring


Flotex Sheet is a floor covering that looks and feels like a carpet without any of the practical drawbacks of carpet. It has a smooth velour like surface with a vinyl backing that is comfortable to walk on and is warm underfoot. It also has excellent slip resistant and acoustic properties, making it the hardest wearing textile floor covering on the market. 


Discover the unique benefits of Flotex Sheet flooring or browse our two main ranges in Flotex Sheet flooring for more inspiration.


Flotex Australasian range

The Australasian stocked range consists of two classic designs in our most popular colours. Its deep stock availability and dependable designs makes it ideal for projects requiring a quick turnaround and tight budgets.


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Flotex Made-to-Order range

The made-to-order range has a wide selection of colours and patterns – available with a longer lead time. The three sub-ranges in our Flotex Made-to-Order range can be distinguished by its design and pattern.  


  • Flotex Sheet Classic is characterised by subtle and plain pattern nuances. It is designed to coordinate with the other Flotex collections, making it the staple range for any commercial project 

  • Flotex Sheet Vision is our high definition, digital print collection. With a catalogue over 500 individual items, a solution to every design requirement can be found in this collection

  • Flotex Sheet Sottsass is our ultra-premium range of Flotex sheet flooring. This exclusive range is made up of extraordinary patterns and colour combinations that brings renowned architect and designer, Ettore Sottsass’s design philosophies to life


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Pedigree Carpets


Pedigree Needle Punch Carpet is a range of heavy-duty needle punch carpets that has resilient, durable and economic benefits - making it ideal for commercial spaces subject to heavy wear. We offer two ranges in Pedigree Needle Punch carpets:


Pedigree Smokey is a non-UV treated, heavy duty needle punch carpet and is suitable for indoor installations only. It retains all the durable, easy-to-clean and water-proof properties that make this range the cost effective alternative to commercial carpets.


Pedigree UV-TEX is a UV protected heavy duty needle punch carpet. It is an economical choice with all the resilient features of a heavy duty carpet.


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