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Cosy up for autumn

Posted on the 21/10/2021 by Karndean Designflooring

As the nights draw in and the first frosts sparkle across the landscape, creating a cosy atmosphere in our homes will help us recharge our batteries and embrace the slower pace of winter life.

This autumn, home trends are focusing on how we can bring nature indoors to create a comfortable sanctuary that appeals to all our senses, where we can express our individuality, relax and find peace.

Earthy colours

It might be cold outside but inside an organic colour palette of soft pigments will radiate warmth. Find colour inspiration for your home in the natural world, such as a vibrant spice market, an autumn woodland or an ocean sunset, that appeals to you and use this to create a scheme that suits your personality.

Spicy colours are sure to shrug off the chills. Choose a mixture of textured accessories in berry red, cinnamon, mustard and turmeric, balancing the hot shades with a soft cool olive green.

If blues are more your style, think stormy skies and autumn leaves with a combination of grey-blue with blackberry and small pops of yellow ochre and burnt orange. Alternatively balance twilight dark blue with forest green and peachy pink.

To add autumn warmth to a minimalist grey or white palette, work in neutral shades that contain a hint of red or yellow such as oatmeal, mushroom or plaster pink for an uplifting yet calm feel.

LLP102 Heritage Oak Living Room LS1.jpg

Heritage Oak LLP102

Natural textures

Sumptuous fabrics invite us to cuddle up on the sofa and chill out. For a cosy style that will keep you warm all winter, pile up cushions and throws in velvet, boucle or woollen weaves. A mix and match of rugs will keep things comfortable underfoot and will set off your Karndean floor to perfection (just remember to avoid rubber backings).

Bringing plants into our homes will remind us of long summer days spent outside in nature. Create a jungle effect with large houseplants or, if you don’t have green fingers, keep it simple with a dried pampas grass arrangement or a few air plants in the bathroom where the steamy atmosphere is all they need to be happy.

LLP305 Reclaimed Heart Pine Chalet Cameo2 CM.jpg

Reclaimed Heart Pine LLP305

Mix and match patterns

With nostalgic maximalist styles filling our homes this year, it’s no surprise that the high street is featuring patterns of all kinds. Whether you love the simplicity of stripes and circles or the exuberance of nature inspired prints, pick up a few pictures and accessories and arrange a display that reflects your family’s uniqueness.

Patterned flooring will add depth and interest to any room. For a modern take on a classic wood floor, choose a rich oak design in a parquet or herringbone pattern. Alternatively for something a bit more unusual, consider a geometric pattern in historic tiles or a 3D effect.

RESI BLOG autumn trends_CI3.jpg

Mayfair MAYF-01

Gentle light and heat

Winter’s low light levels encourage us to take things at a slower pace. For the ultimate winter comfort, opt for the soothing flickering light of firelight and the soft tones of lamps, fairy lights and candles.

For a snug home day and night, underfloor heating is ideal to create a warm surface underfoot. It’s reassuring to know that Karndean flooring is compatible with both wet and dry underfloor heating systems so you don’t have to compromise style for comfort.

RESI BLOG autumn trends_CI2.jpg

Hartford LLP112

How are you preparing your home for winter? Share your autumn updates with us on Instagram and Facebook using #karndeanlife.