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Discover the joy of plant parenting

Posted on the 18/03/2021 by Karndean Designflooring

The past year has taught us many lessons and one of these is that spending time with nature helps us become calmer, healthier and feel better about ourselves. 

More of us than ever are becoming plant parents and this is giving us an outlet for our caring natures. Nurturing plants in our homes and watching them thrive is providing us with a creative activity that is helping us cope with the stresses of life. 

The daily acts of watering, pruning, repotting or just admiring how well our plants are growing gives us opportunities to live in the moment and to be mindful as we shift our attention to the care of another living being.

Many houseplants, such as spider plants, peace lilies, succulents and cacti are super easy to care for and are also great for improving our indoor air quality, reducing some of the pollutants commonly found in our homes, absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. 

 Storm Oak Parquet

Above image features AP07 Storm Oak Parquet

Whatever your interior style, there’s a wide choice of houseplants that will look great in your home. In a minimalist space choose a sculptural statement plant with unusual leaf patterns or colouring.

Plants with dainty soft foliage in wicker or plain ceramic containers will look lovely in a Scandi or mid-century interior. Alternatively, if your taste is more bohemian or maximalist, why not go all out with a profusion of upright and trailing plants for a lush forest effect.

If you prefer to test your plant skills in a small way initially, try placing a pot of pretty seasonal bedding plants such as begonia or cyclamen on a coffee table or grow pots of delicious herbs, chillies or tomatoes on the kitchen windowsill. The kids will also love getting involved by sowing some quick growing cress seeds in an egg shell.

 Above image features SP219 Casablanca

Above image features SP219 Casablanca

Whether we become a plant parent by picking up a pot with our weekly shop or are gifted a plant by a loved one, we can all benefit from filling our homes with beautiful foliage. There are even online businesses offering a houseplant subscription service who will send you a new and interesting plant each month along with useful care instructions. Many houseplants are also simple to propagate so you can gift plant babies to your friends and family too. 

Inspired by natural materials and guaranteed to bring a sense of the outdoors into your home, you can rest assured that a Karndean flooring is the perfect surface for your plant family. Hard wearing and waterproof, there’s no need to fret if the watering can slips or accidents result in spilt soil. You can simply wipe up the mess and get on with your day.

If you are someone who doesn’t have green fingers at all, there are some amazingly realistic faux plants in the stores that will give you all the look of a natural plant without any of the responsibility!

Have you filled your home with houseplants? Join the conversation on Instagram @karndean_uk