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Are you ready to express yourself?

Posted on the 13/06/2021 by Karndean Designflooring

Who is to say how we should decorate our homes? The latest home and lifestyle trend suggests we should forget what others say is ‘good taste’ and do it our own way!

Over the past year we have reconnected with our local environment, appreciated the health benefits of the natural world and spent a lot more time at home. So, as life returns to a semblance of normality, we are changed. We have learnt to value what we have and understand what we really need. 

Having rediscovered our individuality, the next step is to ensure that our home reflects our uniqueness. Considering our homes as an expression of ourselves and taking a meaningful approach to décor will help us to create a very personal sanctuary where we can escape from the seriousness of today’s world. 

Children have an innate sense of their own individuality, as any parent who has tried to convince a toddler to wear an outfit that is ‘suitable’ can testify. Dragon outfit to a wedding? Why not! When we choose not to conform and take a similarly light hearted, original approach to decorating our homes, we give ourselves permission to include original aspects that bring us joy. 

 SBW-RL12 Storm Oak

SBW-RL12 Storm Oak

Decorating to suit our personality rather than the latest trend means our homes become an outward display of our values and how we understand our place in the world. 

Have fun experimenting. Choose colours that lift your mood. Introduce pieces that have meaning for you, such as items you have crafted yourself or quirky furniture you find attractive. Give that ‘old-fashioned’ painting or ‘ugly’ vase you inherited from a beloved relative pride of place simply because this item brings back happy memories and makes you smile. 

As William Morris, the design champion of the 19th century Arts and Crafts movement which valued craftsmanship and quality over mass production, said: 

“Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

Filling your home with items that are personal to you is sure to improve your sense of wellbeing and give you a brighter, more confident outlook on life.

This is a home trend that encourages us to put our own taste ahead of ‘style’ as defined by others and to think ahead to a better future. Now is the time to move away from the disposable fast fashion of recent years and opt for high quality beautiful products that you truly love and will last for a lifetime.

 AP01 Blond Oak Parquet

AP01 Blond Oak Parquet

Here are five of our favourite home Instagram accounts that champion personal expression; 

1. Interior designer and colour expert, @sophierobinsoninteriors 

2. Finalist of BBC’s Interior Design Masters @interiorcurve

3. Colour lover @joannemooney_

4. Interior decorator and colour advocate @eli_at_home

5. Renovators with style @anotherfknflat

Share your spaces with us @karndean_uk on Instagram using #karndeanstyle