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Our top trend predictions for 2021

Posted on the 04/01/2021 by Karndean Designflooring

The beginning of a new year is a time of renewal and the cold winter season is the perfect time to cosy up on the sofa and make plans for the year ahead. We’re all spending much more time at home at the moment so many of us may be looking for a fresh new look to help us create a sanctuary that inspires and reassures us as well as keeping us safe and healthy.

Here at Karndean we have been considering the trends and home updates that we think will brighten our homes and our spirits in 2021. Here, we share our top five trend predictions.

1. Broken plan rooms

In open plan spaces it can be difficult to concentrate or find a moment of privacy in the midst of busy family life, which is why many of us are looking to break up large multi-functional spaces. With judicious use of room dividers such as display units, sofas, curtains or glass walls, we can create the impression of separate rooms and so find space to be alone yet still together. 

If physical room dividers would be impractical in your home, you can also create visual separation by using different wall colours or a subtle change in flooring. You might choose a wood design in a long length plank and combine this with the same shade laid in herringbone pattern or with a contrasting stone design or abstract tile. 


Above image features MAYF-01 Mayfair

2. Inside outside living

Last summer we enjoyed spilling out onto our patios and lawns to play, dine, socialise and even work outdoors. We threw open our patio doors and took soft furnishings and dining tables out into the open. Blurring the boundary between inside and outside, we decorated our indoor spaces with natural materials such as earthy colours, lush houseplants and wood design flooring.

To make the most of our garden spaces this year, many of us will be looking to use our garden sheds for more than storing footballs and the lawn mower or plan to install bespoke garden rooms. With practical click-locking flooring and specialist garden paint, these humble structures can be transformed into a desirable extra room, providing the ideal space for a gym, study or just somewhere to escape to for a few moments.

3. Minimalism or maximalism

The jury is still out when it comes to choosing between minimalism and maximalism, with some of us opting for the clean lines and tidiness of a ‘less is more’ approach and others preferring the nostalgic lived in feel of maximalism’s aesthetic clutter with its reassuring cosiness of curated collections. 

Whether you lean towards the fresh airy look of styles such as Scandi or industrial or you yearn to be embraced by bold colours, pattern and cherished objects you’ve inherited or collected over the years, you’ll want to create a foundation of elegant yet practical surfaces that will make it easy to keep your style looking amazing.  

 Mountain Oak

Above image features SM-RL22 Mountain Oak (left) and RL22 Mountain Oak (right)

4. Retro inspired design

In challenging times, it’s only natural to hark back to times past when we felt optimistic. So it’s no surprise that we are seeing plenty of retro inspired designs, from the bold colours and geometrics of the 20th century to the dark theatrical styles of the Victorian era. 

Designers and home decorators alike have recently embraced vintage, upcycled and artisan looks to create a very individual style in our homes. Why not join the trend by learning a new skill and repurposing unused items to make something unique for your home. 

5. Hygiene 

The importance of hygiene is very much at the fore of our minds and we have been making adjustments to our homes to separate ‘dirty’ from ‘clean’. Dedicating an entry space for outdoor clothing and hand washing, creating storage to organise cleaning equipment or choosing easy clean surfaces are just some of the ways we have made it easier to keep our homes safe. 

Ideal for busy spaces where cleanliness and convenience are key, it’s reassuring to know that all our flooring designs come with our K-Guard+ protective coating which gives a hard wearing, waterproof and hygienic finish that you can rely on. 

Will you be trying out any of these trends this year? Find inspiration for your home on our Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook pages.