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Find balance with a slow living lifestyle

Posted on the 11/02/2020 by Karndean Designflooring

In our fast-paced world, the busier we get the less time there seems to be for things that really matter. The concept of slow living offers an antidote to a society that’s always switched on by helping us create a clear focus on wellbeing and being kind to ourselves.

With its roots in the balanced quality of life and simple comforts of Scandinavian ‘lagom’ and ‘hygge’, a slow living lifestyle embraces inner reflection and encourages us to live intentionally, reclaim our time for what’s important and pay attention to our interactions with the natural world.

A quick search of social media will find many influencers who have embraced the slow living lifestyle, oozing serenity as they effortlessly manage the many demands of modern life. But how can we create this balance in our own lives and how can our home support us as an enriching haven?

Above image features Antique Heart Pine, LLP303

Take time

The slow living concept tells us that the key is to take some time to decide what is important to us and to set ourselves goals such as spending more time with family and friends, taking time out to relax, develop a hobby or learn new skills. In order to reclaim time for what matters, you may need to identify activities that you could stop doing.

Slow living isn’t about time management to get tasks completed efficiently, it’s about prioritising time for activities that support your goals and politely declining those that don’t. Make an appointment with yourself to take the children to the park, meet a friend for coffee, plant a flower pot for the front doorstep, bake a cake, write a journal or arrange a pleasing mantlepiece or shelf.

Natural hues and materials

Above image features Glacier Oak RL21

A well organised home with a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere will support your intentional lifestyle. Choose clean lines, neutral colour palettes and natural materials that are soft on the eye yet hard wearing and easy to care for. Ensure that you have enough storage space to hide away clutter and reduce the time you spend tidying up.

Especially during these winter months, find a cosy space with gentle lighting, plants and firelight where you can spend time out relaxing with a soothing drink and a book or podcast. All the better if there is a view to the natural world outside – perhaps there is a view of a tree through a window or you might create a window ledge arrangement with pot plants and vases of flowers.

A slow living lifestyle helps us to connect in a healthy way with loved ones, the natural world and our place within it, encouraging us to notice the seasons as they change through the year. With their focus on simplicity, balance and intentional living, it’s no wonder that Scandinavians are frequently rated amongst the happiest nations.

Are you making slow living part of your lifestyle? Join the conversation with us on Instagram @karndean_uk and visit our Pinterest for inspiration.