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Introducing Japandi: a blend of East meets West

Posted on the 18/11/2019 by Karndean Designflooring

Japandi is the latest interpretation of minimalist interior style and ‘less is more’ lifestyle, combining the rustic informality of Scandi with the sophisticated clean lines of Japanese interiors.  Bringing together the best of both cultures, Japandi offers a pared back yet homely feel that is both sleek and comfortable. 

If you love the simplicity and practicality of Scandi design but are keen to introduce warmer tones, Japandi could be just the thing for you. Embracing both the Scandi principle of ‘hygge’, a comforting concept of cosiness and well-being, and the Japanese notion of ‘wabi-sabi’, finding beauty in imperfection, this style brings a more relaxed version of minimalism.

To update your Scandi interior we recommend focussing on adding warmth and visual interest by introducing Japanese style aspects such as rich colour tones, elegant lines and artisan furniture. 

Image shows Natural Scandi Pine from our Knight Tile collection

The rich yet subdued colours of Japanese style add an appealing depth that enhances warm wood tones. Choose a single shade, such as slate blue, charcoal grey, forest green or plum red, on either walls or furniture and combine with light neutral wood flooring and textured soft furnishings in natural materials to create a relaxing ambience.

Japanese style is characterised by an intentional combination of natural materials such as wood, leather, linen and paper, so consider introducing warm tones of oak, walnut or maple in flooring or statement pieces of furniture. Perhaps you have a few treasured pieces of furniture in a variety of woods or are keen to invest in pieces that been skilfully crafted. 

Why not combine an eclectic mix of furniture in mellow wood tones with a light Scandi floor, or introduce a warmer toned floor to coordinate with your light Scandi furnishings. If your heart yearns for a polished concrete floor, you will be pleased to hear that this will also blend well with Japandi’s clean uncluttered style.

Image shows Light Distressed Oak from our Van Gogh collection

Placing comfortable seating close to windows will make the most of any natural light. Adding a profusion of houseplants will bring the natural world into your home while adding patterned throws, rugs and cushions introduces other interesting and cosy textures. A few moments spent in mindfulness or meditation in such a position is sure to provide a sense of peace through the long dark days of winter.

Image shows Neutral Oak from our Karndean LooseLay collection

The stress relieving atmosphere of Japandi is based upon an appreciation of natural materials and high-quality items that have been handmade with care. Embracing the concept of craftsmanship also means understanding the beauty of imperfection. So, let go of the ideal of perfection and enjoy the process of creating your own unique blend of ‘East meets West’ style.

What do you think? Share your Japandi inspired interior style with us @karndean_UK on Instagram.