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Guest blogger Lareese Craig talks kitchens and Karndean

Posted on the 12/05/2019 by Lareese Craig

This month, we are pleased to welcome Instagram blogger Lareese Craig, who has been renovating her Brighton home. In the first of two guest articles, she talks to us about designing her dream kitchen.

“I’m @lareesecraig a lifestyle and interiors content creator, dried flower faffer and a huge fan of earthy tones.

We’ve recently moved into our first home in Brighton and are currently in the process of renovating. It’s a Victorian property with sash windows and an open fire, so as much as I’m influenced by the Scandis and the new Bohemians, I wanted to make sure we honoured the property’s rustic charm – that meant accepting that we’ll never have perfectly smooth walls and well-behaved skirting boards.

Our kitchen and lounge are separate rooms and contrary to popular opinion, I like that they serve their own purpose. Or maybe I just want an excuse to proclaim, ‘shall we retire to the lounge, dear?’ after dinner. Who knows?

Sometimes, we can get so carried away with making sure our kitchens are practical and hygienic with clean lines and storage aplenty that often we forget to treat it like any other room in the house; we neglect the interior styling element. And that’s the best part of a renovation, right?

When it came to designing our kitchen then, I knew I wanted to go with the classic traditional shaker style. It was important that it felt welcoming and lived-in - a room that didn’t necessarily scream quintessential kitchen but rather a space intended for gathering, feasting and sharing.

We opted for light grey cabinetry and quartz counters and then added texture and warmth with open shelving and parquet flooring.

I’ve always loved original parquet and with so many authentic colours to choose from, Karndean’s offering was the perfect nod to the past with a modern twist.

Art Select Morning Oak AP06

We opted for Morning Oak, an understated mid-toned shade with intricate grain detail characteristic of its real wood counterpart.

It’s transformed the kitchen from a tired and forgotten 1950s café – it was blue with lemon tiles when we moved in – to a modern but still rustic farmhouse and I couldn’t be happier with the results. 

So much so, we’ve decided to carry the flooring through from the kitchen to the lounge to create continuity between the two rooms. I can’t wait to show you more in my next post!”

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