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From dated 1970s to modern farmhouse chic

Posted on the 09/04/2019 by Karndean Designflooring

Sarah Beeny’s latest series Renovate don’t Relocate follows homeowners as they transform their homes. In this series, Sarah uses smart cameras to track how rooms are being used and full-scale floorplans to demonstrate how spaces could be reconfigured.

The first episode follows Vicki and James Burt as they renovate their four-bedroom double fronted Victorian farmhouse in East Sussex. The couple were drawn to the quirkiness and potential of the house and weren’t put off by the dated 1970s decor. They knew that, with some love and care, it could be their forever home. 

The house before renovation

Vicki outlined their challenge and objectives; “Nothing we brought into the house fitted properly and the old layout dictated how we lived our life. Our priority was to create a living space that flows and works for us as a family. We wanted to create a modern farmhouse look that fits in with the style of the house itself.”

Following Sarah’s advice, the couple decided to divide the open plan living space with reclaimed double doors, separating the adults’ sitting room from the playroom, and chose a bold colour palette in deep blue, vibrant yellow and cool grey. Changing the dominant and secondary colours in each space has created an interior with a sense of continuity whilst each room retains a very individual personality.

Adult sitting room featuring Van Gogh Classic Oak VGW86T

Previously, the adult living area was brown, dated and characterless. The couple have now created a classy grown-up space with reclaimed doors successfully dividing the space from the playroom, allowing the family to use the rooms flexibly. 

They selected Classic Oak flooring from our Van Gogh range to run throughout the ground floor. With its warm tones and traditional wood look, taking the same flooring from room to room has successfully balanced the bold colour scheme and gives the house a sense of style and timeless elegance. 

A contemporary playroom has been created with a bold yellow wall and blue accessories. Combined with chic shutters, a traditional wood burner and classic wood design floor, Vicki has created a stylish look that is ideal for young children and adults alike. 

Vicki explained; “The reading nook disguises a structural support and gives a quirkiness to the room. It also hides some valuable toy storage space. Now, the playroom is not only a lovely place to sit, but it’s made life easier.” 

In the kitchen, clean lines and sleek dark blue cabinets are set off with white walls and pops of vibrant yellow seating.  A central island gives the family somewhere to sit together and gives the room a focal point, while Japanese style blinds give privacy yet let light flood in.

Vicki said; “I followed Sarah’s advice and was brave with colour. The new space has made a massive difference to our family life. Now finally it feels like our house.”

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