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How to introduce pattern floors in your home

Posted on the 24/05/2019 by Karndean Designflooring

Often, we look to the walls or accessories to introduce pattern in our homes, but why not consider the floor? Patterns have been around for a while now, and yet we still hesitate at the thought of where to place them. Here we explore how to add pattern underfoot and latest interior trends including geometric, Victorian and monochrome. 

Firstly, let’s consider why we should introduce pattern to our floor in the first place. Our floor and walls are the backdrop and blank canvas to any room, and both can complement each other perfectly. Your floor should be practical to meet the needs of users, yet reminiscent of your individual style or family. Instead of relying on pops of pattern in cushions or fabrics, a patterned floor can make small spaces feel bigger and create a statement in larger areas. Likewise, pattern can be used to zone out areas of the home or divide separate living areas to cater for multi-generation and co-living spaces.

Above image shows Clifton CLIF-01

Where to start

Our advice would be to avoid trends and go for a timeless look or just an arrangement you really love. You can go for subtle or stand out statement designs – the choice really is yours. Just remember to go one way or the other, if you’re going bold and beautiful with your patterned floor, opt for muted, clean walls and delicate furnishings. Likewise, if you’re going for a modest design, be sure to add splashes of bold colour for added contrast.

Above image shows Clifton CLIF-04

Recreate the elegance of Victorian villas

Your hallway is a visitor’s first glimpse of your home, so you want this hard-working space to make a great first impression with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Recreating the opulence of period style is easy with our Heritage Collection, with impactful geometric tile designs inspired by grand Victorian interiors. Combine a striking monochrome floor with a neutral colour scheme to add character and interest, reflecting light and visually expanding the space.

For a traditional look, choose the classic combination of black and white, while contemporary shades of grey or taupe make for a more modern interpretation that reflects your personality and individuality while it oozes elegance.

Above image shows Mountain Oak SM-RL22

A modern interpretation of parquet

The eye-catching sophistication of parquet flooring is guaranteed to add interest and character to your room. The striking diagonal designs offered by this versatile flooring style have been rediscovered in recent years and given a new lease of life with contemporary interpretations in brick, block or chevron patterns.

Now available in a wide range of wood and stone effect designs, from traditional warm honey tones to gentle pink-beige and contemporary greys, why not combine parquet and full-sized planks in your favourite shade to effortlessly create a sense of flow throughout your home?

Above image shows Hexa KAL09

Discover a sense of rhythm with geometrics

Like the floral and grey trend, geometric and abstract patterns have never really gone out of fashion. From the Greeks to the Moroccan's geometric patterns have been used in interiors and architecture for centuries. Kaleidoscope features unique geometric designs to add eye-catching interest to any room. Take your pick from cubes, hexagons, chevrons and woven patterns, each individually cut from realistic wood and stone luxury vinyl flooring to offer visual contrast.

Why not be influenced by traditional Moroccan and Spanish architecture? Recreate a modern interpretation of these iconic patterns in your home using our new Casablanca and Marrakesh designs with a non-uniform, patchwork arrangement that incorporates a stylish combination of geometric forms, curves and crests.

Above image shows Marrakesh SP220

Geometric motifs can look supremely modern or crisply classic, depending on their colour and design, so there are plenty of flooring options to suit every décor. Use them to create a statement floor or an impressive rug effect, the choice really is yours.

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