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Van Gogh Gluedown

Our popular Van Gogh collection captures the look of real wood and stone in a variety of colours and designs inspired from around the world. Large planks with distinctive grain details and textured finishes as well as stone tiles in various sizes create a style that works in any space.

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  • Gluedown
  • Loose lay
  • Rigid core

Inspired by the beauty of the natural world and materials sourced from places as diverse as a school in San Diego, a railway station in the Scottish Highlands and high mountain quarries in Italy, our Van Gogh collection embraces the healing powers of nature and combines the colours and textures of these samples with the latest flooring technology and interior trends.

Every Van Gogh plank has a detailed wood grain texture, enhancing the colour and pattern of the product. The larger plank sizes compliment these tactile surfaces to create the look and feel of a true timber floor. Our stone designs feature the beauty of marble, slate and terracotta. The large tile size of these designs serves to accentuate and enhance the natural variation found in the original samples.

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