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Make your floor design personal with our design components

Once you’ve chosen your favourite floor design, it’s time to consider whether you would like to add any decorative borders, design strips or design features. We all like to add our own personal touch, so it’s great to have the flexibility to add extra touches to define your floor and personalise it to match your style.

Borders and strips

Our decorative borders feature a variety of pre-set designs, all designed to perfectly match your chosen floor design. If you can’t quite find a pre-set design to match your chosen floor; we recommend asking your retail partner about our custom design service. If you’re looking for a wow centrepiece, we have seven pre-designed features that can be combined with the majority of our floors.

Design strips are a popular option and come in a variety of colours and widths, they are narrow pieces of luxury vinyl tile which can be put between our planks and tiles. They offer an authentic finish to your floor and can be used to create grout effects between tiles, or between planks for a ship’s decking look. Our strips can also be used to frame your room; using three or more strips to create a tramline border or keep it simple by using just one strip as a keyline border.

Essential trims and skirtings

With our rigid core designs requiring a suitable edge trim to accommodate an expansion gap, we offer a range of complementary colour matched scotias for a seamless finish. You might prefer a different look with our white paintable scotia or white skirting board.